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Cheap Voice Over services

Cheap Voice Over Services is enjoyed by the people of present day due to the proliferation of digital services. Our cheap voice over rates starts from $128.

Making everything possible through online has increased the competition into multifold and thereby decreasing the rates for the voice over projects contrary to earlier days when the rates were sky rocketing due to the heavy studio maintenances.


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professional cheap voice over

Nowadays, it is possible for the voice over artists to open up their own cheap voice over agency with just a computer, mic and the right software. There are many online cheap voice over services available online.

Quick Transcription Service is the best professional cheap voice over services, which provides voice over services in all major languages of the world. We have long years of experience in producing high class voice over for documentaries, advertisements, cartoon films, radio and video programs, announcements, the online voice over for all types of projects, audio books and many more.

Clients can send their content, receive quotes and then get back their completed work. Our projects are of international quality due to our recording studio with complete infrastructure and advanced tools. Our specialty is that with all these top class quality services, we only charge cheap voice over rates.


cheap voice over rates

Our voiceover artists are highly talented with good experience in this field. They are capable of providing voices with the necessary modulation and with acting capacity.

Their arresting performances have become so popular that our clients book them in advance. They know how to transfer the project into a feasible one within quick turnaround time.  Call our toll free 1-866-200-5406.   


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