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Transcription In Seattle, Washington US

Digital Transcription Services

We accept WMA, MP4, MP3, WAV, AVI etc. file formats for Digital Transcription Service. MP3 file format is one of the most common of digital transcription. MP3 audio are really small in size and they are compatible with most computer software.

QTS Digital transcription services are also offered for digital dictation recordings. Digital Transcription is used in most of industries where voice to text is needed. Fields like Radio, Television, Health care providers, Broadcasting companies, legal firms, general businesses and more can benefit with our digital transcription services. As a result of technological marvel, now you can use your mobile phone as a digital recording device and upload the content on to our website. We accept all digital audio file formats for Digital Transcription Services.

Our other Digital Transcription Services

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  • Audio Digital Transcription Services
  • Interview Digital Transcription Services
  • Focus Group Digital Transcription Services
  • Digital Transcription and Translation Services
  • Digital Dictation Transcription Services
  • English Digital Transcription Services

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