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Internet Transcription

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Internet Transcription Services

Simple five step process to get your Internet transcripts from Quick Transcription Service

  • Upload your Audio Files to our site or email us the URL of your audio or video is stored
  • We send you a Quote with Estimated TAT(Turnaround Time)
  • Pay online to start now
  • The transcript is delivered to you well before the estimated Turnaround Time
  • You make the final payment on receipt of your transcript

Estimate your transcription work here:

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To get our Internet Transcription online, upload your files here:


Great advantage of URL transcription is that you don’t need to download the video audio files and upload again to our site. You can just email us the link so that our technical team can get the file(s) downloaded. Our experts at Quick Transcription Services ensure that they exceed your expectations.

Our Other Transcription Services include:

  • Upload your files
  • Receive a free quote
  • Pay online
  • Delivery into your inbox
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