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Transcription In Seattle, Washington US

Verbatim Transcription Services

Verbatim Transcription means every sound heard in the audio, including stutters, um-hums, ums and repetition of phrases and words are transcribed. Verbatim transcription is mostly utilized in research or media industry. Verbatim Transcription conveys exact emotion of the speaker expressed in the audio. Film industry use Verbatim Transcription service for subtitling purpose. This way they can convey the emotion or how the speaker feels in the movie to non-native English audience.

All of our Transcription services, Audio, Video, Interview and Media Transcription Services come with Verbatim transcription as an add-on-service.

Are you a student or a media company who are trying to get more than 10 hours audio transcribed and would you like to have verbatim transcript? Check with us about bulk order offers.

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All our Transcription Services come with free trial Offer. We would like to have our new customer to feel the quality before they become our client. You don’t need to invest your valuable time on transcribing your audio. Let the experienced transcriptionists at Quick Transcription Service take care of your transcription needs.


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