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Exclusive offers on Document Translation

No. of Pages Offer Price
30 to 49 pages
30% $17.5
20 to 29 pages
20% $20
10 to 19 pages
10% $22.5
Up to 9 pages
Flat rate $25
50+ Pages
Custom offers
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No. of Pages Turnaround Time
1-2 page
1 business day
3 to 4 page
2 business days
5 to 7
3 business days
8 to 10
4 business days
Rush Delivery
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Exclusive offers on Audio Translation

File Length Offer Price
720 minutes and above
30% $4.19
360 to 719 minutes
20% $4.79
180 to 359 minutes
10% $5.39
Up to 179 minutes
Flat rate $5.99
Bulk Orders
Custom offers
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File Length Turnaround Time
Up to 30 minutes
1 business day
1 hour
2 business days
2 hours
3 business days
3-4 hours
5 business days
Rush Delivery
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* These details may vary for a few languages * For document translation 1 page means 250 words or less

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Afrikaans Translation

Benefits of translation in business are many. If you are looking for your business to expand into global economy, translation is the best option.

Translation is a vital tool in bridging the gap between the cultures and positive effects. Outsourcing has become easier in business growth and to earn money. Afrikaans Translation Services is one of the translation service offered by consuming less amount of time. Hence, outsourcing companies that offer Afrikaans to English Translation Services or English to Afrikaans Translation Services comes into picture and fulfils all your translation needs and requirements.

Afrikaans Translation Services

Afrikaans is spoken by West Germanypeople. Afrikaans is widely spoken by over 23 million people as their native language. Quick Transcription Service offers Afrikaans Transcription and Translation Services.Quick Transcription Service helps converting the following languages to Afrikaans and vice versa through our Afrikaans Translation Services

  • English to Afrikaans
  • Breton
  • Carolinian
  • Catalan
  • Marwari
  • Cebuano
  • Fulani
  • Hokkien and many more

To know more detail about language translation, Visit our Language Translation Services.


Afrikaans Translation offered by QTS includes:

Afrikaans Document Translation, Afrikaans Website Translation and Localization, Afrikaans Legal Translation, Afrikaans Audio Translation, Afrikaans Video Translation, Afrikaans Book Translation, Afrikaans Phone Translation, Afrikaans Literary Translation, Afrikaans Voice Over Translation, Afrikaans Written Translation.

Quick Transcription Service is a leading service provider in Afrikaans Translation. Quick Transcription Service helps the clients by simply having them PLACE ORDER in a compatible format that needs to be translated to Afrikaans, thus making their job easier.


Quick Transcription Service is a is a single best platform online for all Transcription and Translation needs.


Afrikaans language Combination translation Services

  • Afrikaans to English translation services
  • English to Afrikaans translation services
  • Afrikaans to German translation services
  • German to Afrikaans translation services
  • Afrikaans to Dutch translation services
  • Dutch to Afrikaans translation services
  • Afrikaans to Xhosa translation services
  • Xhosa to Afrikaans translation services
  • Afrikaans to Zulu translation services
  • Afrikaans to French translation services
  • Afrikaans to Spanish translation services
  • Afrikaans to Portuguese translation services.

For more language information, visit our Language Translation Services Page.

Online Translation Services FAQ

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