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Broadcast Captioning Services

Broadcast Captioning is classified in to two major types

  • Real-Time Broadcast Captioning : Real-Time Broadcast Captioning involves creating captions for live shows such as, news, live music, award shows and sports.
  • Offline Broadcast Captioning : Offline Broadcast captioning involves creating captions post production for shows that will be telecast in the future.

Here are few added benefits that Quick Transcription Service offers our clients who sign up for Broadcast Captioning Services:

  • Quick Transcription Service has been successfully offering error free broadcast Captioning Services for years
  • We keep all information confidential and never compromise on integrity
  • Dedicated Broadcast Caption writers are involved in Broadcast Captioning.

We are happy to do business with you and help you meet all your captioning needs.

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Quick Transcription Service offers a various types of captioning services in addition to Broadcast Captioning services which including, Video Captioning, Remote Captioning and many more.




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