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Business Transcription includes

  • Document Transcription: All official documents are transcribed in to text format.
  • Transcribing audio or video to text & All types of CD’s and Mp3’s are transcribed
  • Includes transcription for all industries like legal, academic and many more
  • In short anything and everything can be transcribed

There are several Business Transcription Companies that offer business transcription services. Amongst them Quick Transcription Service is a leading provider of business Transcription services offering all types of transcription.

Transcription Services are required by every business. No business is an exception when it comes to business transcription. Business Transcription is outsourced to transcription companies due to several reasons.

Save time and Want for accuracy
Professional outlook
Save money and many more

Business Transcription includes transcription of anything and everything related to business. All types of files belonging to all formats are transcribed.

QTS offers Business Transcription and Business Translation at cost effective pricing!

Upload Your Files

At Quick Transcription Service all your business files can be upload on to our site. This way we give you the convenience to get job done online with ease.


We are here to serve you and offer you the best service!


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