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Interview Transcription Services

Our professional transcription staff at Quick Transcription Service can do it with all its components in it for you.

We always value our clients. We keep your interviews confidential. Interview Transcriptions are priceless. Interviews held in/by universities, consultants, attorneys, students, people who do research, police, and psychiatrists and so on can be transcribed in two ways:

Verbatim Transcripts where we convert all the words from the recording into text with all the fillers like ‘uh’ umms’ ‘ah’…

Clean transcripts are where we transcribe only the content and eliminate the fillers and proof read to make sure it is grammatically correct.

Time Coding will be done at the start of every answer and the next thirty seconds. Interviews transcribed at Quick Transcription Service will be of high quality, efficient and accurate. We charge you according to the number of speakers in it, back ground noise, accents, overlapping voices, low speaking words etc.

For example, if the interview is going to be about a research of a famous product or a research interview about a reputed school, we hold the responsibility to deliver the Best Transcription for the interviews. Worried about the security of the information, you don’t have to.

You will be directly Uploading the Files to Quick Transcription Service servers.


Our other few interview transcription services are:

which involves two or more speakers recording from a radio or a telephone. Contact Quick Transcription Service to know our offers and quick Turnaround Times.


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