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Relay interpretation service

Relay interpretation is a two-step interpreting where one interpreter listens and renders the message of the source speaker into a common language and all other interpreters will deliver this message in the common language to their respective clients in their target languages. It is otherwise known as ‘indirect interpretation’.

The in between person who interprets the source message in the common language is the relay interpreter. This is most useful when there is need of interpretation for multiple target languages in a single event. This type of situation arises when a single interpreter cannot handle or when there is no interpreter for a certain pair of languages.

Relay Interpretation

Quick transcription service is one of the best relay interpretation providers in the language industry.  We are well known for our professional relay interpretation services. All our interpreters are highly talented and experienced. They are well capable of handling any situation and possess high level of understanding since the success key to the relay interpretation is the perfect synchronization of all interpreters. This is possible with us since our professionals are well experienced.

In general, the whole event is based on consecutive relay interpretation. They listen to the speaker and then interpret. However, simultaneous relay interpretation is also provided successfully by our Quicktranscriptionservice. Our charges are very affordable without compromising on our quality. We are readily accessible to our clients on 24 hours.

We also deal with video relay interpreting. We deal with language related services like translation, interpretation, localization and voice over and hence we can easily render Excellency in our job.

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