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Rush Transcription

We at Quick Transcription Service offer Rush Transcription Service by understanding the various needs of customers or clients.

QTS offers a variety of transcription services in order to meet the specific needs of clients. The world is moving at a pretty fast pace. Clients want work to be done in few hours. Few clients require files to be transcribed at a standard Turnaround time. But the need for the few clients is different. They want work to be done on a rush basis.

Rush Transcription Services serve all clients who would require rush transcription on their transcription projects.

Rush Transcription Services


The normal turnaround time for a regular transcription project at Quick Transcription Service is 48 hours. This transcription is offered for clients who do not have any urgency on the delivery of the transcribed file.

Where as, in case of the Rush Transcription the file will be delivered in 24 hours from the time we receive it for transcription. Rush Transcript is prepared by the transcriptionist dedicated and talented to handle Rush Transcription projects.

Super Rush Transcription is where the file will be transcribed and delivered in about 2 to 3 hours from the time we receive the file. Super Rush Transcript will be prepared by transcriptionist dedicated and highly skilled to handle Super Rush Transcription projects.

This is applicable to file that is of a 3 hour duration. So the cost and the duration of completion will absolutely depend on the file size.


At Quick Transcription Service we have dedicated Rush Transcriptionists to work on Rush Transcription Projects. Rush Transcript with 0% defect is prepared by them.

So if you have a Rush Transcription need simply call us and we will take care of the rest for you.

Know more about Rush Transcription Services; call us to our Toll Free : 1-866-200-5406.

We never compromise on quality or accuracy or integrity!

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