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(Quick Transcription Service provides Transcription Services, Translation Services, Typing Services, Captioning Services and DVD Conversion Services in Tempe, Arizona. Our transcription price starting at $0.69/min.)

Tempe is a city located in Arizona with the population of around 161,719. Tempe experiences semi-desert type of climate with very hot summers and mild winters.There are many public libraries in Tempe. Tourism and media are the major contributors of the city. The freeways enhance good transportation system.

We at Quick Transcription Service besides providing general transcribing service and audio typing service, also provide telephone transcription, Insurance transcription, Oral History transcription, educational transcription, deposition transcription, court transcription, conference transcription, broadcast transcription and focus group transcription.

We not only transcribe from the audio type digital files but also from tapes, DVD (DVD transcription), CD (CD transcription ) and cassettes in order to give a flexible option to our clients. All of our transcription services are available at clean and verbatim transcription (with or without time codes “timecoded”) formats.

We accept digital audio or video formats including WMA, WAV, DSS, MP3, AVI, MP4 and all major digital formats.

We are an ISO certified transcription and translation company. Our major services include transcript translation and closed captioning services Tempe, Arizona.

We provide Online Transcription Services, Translation Services, Typing Services and Captioning Services in and around Tempe, Arizona.

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QTS provides various DVD/CD Conversion Services in and around Tempe, Arizona. Visit our Pricing Page to know more about conversion pricing or call us at 1-866-200-5406.

We also offer 24, 12 and 4 hours same day transcription services or rush transcription and we guarantee the cheapest transcription cost in the industry.

Our affordable transcription and translation price and accuracy have made us to become the leading company and stay ontop in this competitive industry.

Our Services: Academic Transcription, Audio Transcription, CD Transcription, Conference Call Transcription, Spanish Transcription, Verbatim Transcription, Business Transcription, Sermon Transcription, Video Transcription, German Transcription, Legal Transcription and Digital Transcription and more.

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