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Video Transcription

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Video Transcription Services

Our video transcription staffs are well experience in transcribing different industry videos so you do not need to worry about your industry terminologies.

Video Transcription is the interpretation process of the content or subject matter of the films,news podcasts, group discussions or any videos. Quick Transcription Service also provides Captioning and Subtitling services for customers across the world. No matter what language video is in we will be able to transcribe to same language or to different language.

Transcribing of the entire video will allow you to have the information captioned or subtitled with or without the time stamping / time coding. Time stamping enables to search and drag to exact frame in the video by not wasting time to look into a particular screen.

So when you have the podcasts transcribed or any Videos Transcribed, you will be able to publish e books if the podcasts are about lectures, training sessions and so on. If you wish to market your video, the video transcription helps your video to be identified in the famous search engines when you upload your videos with its transcription.

First time you watch a video, you might not be able to follow or understand the conversations accurately for many reasons. But with the help of video transcription, you will be able to capture all the dialogues. This will help spectators to a great extent.

Time stamping feature is usually asked by law firms or for legal actions ensuring safety for Video Transcriptions which we also do with the help of state of the art tech. Captioning in video, be it a Closed Caption where you have an option of displaying the caption or Open Caption where it appears same as subtitles you see for movies without an option to turn it off.

To get our transcription services online Upload your files.


Now you can go ahead and stream your videos from education to entertainment on You-tube or Google with its Video Transcribed at Quick Transcription Service to get the premium number of visits by unlimited spectators thereby widening the list of your audience.


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