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Transcribe Audios With Our Transcription Services For COVID-19

COVID-19 is the hottest topic of talk since the starting of the year. The coronavirus is affecting every single thing of the planet. More than 12 million people have been affected by this deadly disease to date and the number is increasing greatly with each passing day. Due to coronavirus, around 70 thousand people have lost their lives and many are fighting this battle between life and death.

A great way to spread awareness, making people understand the pros and cons, telling them about the preventions and other related things is by making audio announcements. These can be public announcements or audio recordings that can be sent to your smartphones. But, transcribing these COVID-19 related audios can take your awareness efforts to a different level.

The United States is one of the highly affected countries in the world due to coronavirus. Around three hundred thousand have been affected in America alone and thousands have lost their lives. It is not the time of planning things; it is the time to take action and to stop the spread as early as possible. Saving people from getting affected by this virus and helping them out with understanding the situation deeply is something that must be done at the earliest.

Why Hiring Transcription Services For COVID-19 Is Beneficial?

There are many benefits of transcribed content. The audios and the announcements related to the coronavirus if transcribed can affect the entire situation in a positive manner. There will more number of audiences that it can reach to and thus can assist them by providing the guideline of what to do in this condition when their country is facing coronavirus pandemic. The entire nation has been quarantined and to save the situation from getting worse, it is important to aware every single person of the country.

Transcripts can help the 40 million populations of the United States which are either deaf or have hearing disabilities. They can use these transcripts to know the accurate condition of the country and can get awareness about saving them by applying all the measures.

The Internet is one of the best ways to find out information, and as the individuals are quarantined in their homes, they are searching more than before for all the updates on the internet. If you have hired an accurate transcription service for COVID-19 and have transcribed your audios, then you can easily use them as your social media posts, can use the content in your blogs or can send them as articles to news websites as well to educate individuals about COVID-19.

What To Transcribe With Transcription Services For COVID-19?

Different types of COVID related audios can be transcribed with this service of ours. These audios can be:

  • ✔ COVID-19 updates audios
  • ✔ COVID-19 measures audios
  • ✔ Government announcements on COVID-19
  • ✔ Audio defining the COVID-19 symptoms
  • ✔ COVID-19 explanation audio
  • ✔ Awareness audio on COVID-19
  • ✔ Precaution audio on COVID-19
  • ✔ Police or Officials announcement audio on COVID-19 And others..

One can also help by transcribing short audios which explains the importance of using alcohol-based sanitizers or making of sanitizers at home. These can assist people to kill their boredom, to learn something new and to stay positive in the current terrible situation.

Industries In Need Of Transcription Services For COVID-19

Our transcription services include industry experts to deal with certain industries so that they can deliver the highest quality results to the customers. A few of the industries that are majorly demanding transcription services for COVID-19 includes the following:

  • Legal Industry - The legal industry needs these services for announcing discontinuation or restart of government services or other such things. A few other sub-services that require transcription services are: (mention sub-services)
  • Medical Industry - The medical recordings like call recordings with a foreign doctor about the virus or related stuff will demand for transcription services for COVID-19. Other sub-services in need are: (mention sub-service)
  • Healthcare Industry - Healthcare is the biggest industry dealing with the widespread of this virus. They need transcription services for COVID-19 related recordings like recording research results or recorded guidelines for patient care centers or isolation wards, etc. Sub industries requiring this service include: (mention sub-services)
  • Finance Industry - Transcription service for COVID-19 is very much useful for the finance industry as well as they have to transcribe all of their announcements about the relief fund budgets, financial relaxations given to the public and others. This service is also needed by the following sub-services: (mention sub-services)
  • Insurance Industry - Due to complete lockdown, all the insurance matters are being handled over the phone calls and via emails. Thus, transcribing the phone call data as the proof is an important step. Other sub-services demanding transcripts are: (mention sub-services)

Documents Covered By Our Transcription Services For COVID-19

We are a brand that offers transcription service for COVID-19 to a wide range of documents. Depending upon the huge demand of the above-mentioned industries, we are specifying documents related to these industries alone. But you can connect with us for more documents from various industries. A few of these documents are:

  • ✔ The Legal industry will need transcription services for COVID-19 for all the government announcements about the pandemic virus. Some more documents can be – (mention documents)
  • ✔ Healthcare and medical industry is in need of these services to fight coronavirus perfectly and quickly. These industries need transcripts for conference calls explaining the working of the test kit or discussing critical cases, for providing tele-support to the population through toll-free numbers, and more. A few other can include - (mention documents)
  • ✔ Finance and Insurance industry is demanding this transcription service for COVID-19 for their announcements to support the public financially and by offering suitable relaxations. As all the business is taking place over phone calls, the demand for transcribing call recording is also high. Other audios needing this service are – (mention documents)

Cities We Are Offering Our Transcription Services For COVID-19

The only important thing here is to hire a transcription service for COVID-19 which is highly accurate as incorrect content can mislead them and will convey the wrong information. Quick Transcription Service is one such brand to trust with certified professionals and high-quality outputs. We are serving the following cities with our transcription services for COVID-19:

Atlanta – New York City – San Antonio – Chicago – Houston – Seattle – San Diego – Philadelphia – London – Orlando – San Francisco – Boston – Dallas – Los Angeles – Miami – Portland – Washington DC and more.

Our services are not limited to these major cities in the country, but we are present in every corner of the country. The lists of states we are offering COVID-19 services include:

Tennessee – Colorado – Connecticut – Wyoming – North Dakota – Alaska – West Virginia – Nebraska – Montana – Hawaii – Puerto Rico – Vermont – Maine – New Hampshire – New Mexico – Delaware – Kansas – Rhode Island – Texas – Georgia – Pennsylvania – Louisiana – Illinois – Massachusetts – Florida – California – Michigan – New Jersey – New York and others.

Our Language Range For Transcription Service For COVID-19

The entire world is fighting coronavirus and we as a transcription business company understand our responsibility for transcribing content in most of the possible languages so that it can assist a wider range of population with the precautions and the guidance which they require. We offer our transcription service for COVID-19 in more than 100 languages which include English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Arabic, Urdu, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Tamil, Irish, Greek, and more.

We are also transcribing content from one language and then translating it to another to make it reach a wider audience. The language combinations provided by us are:

  • ✔ English to Spanish
  • ✔ Spanish to Korean
  • ✔ English to Chinese
  • ✔ Chinese to Japanese
  • ✔ French to German
  • ✔ Italian to Spanish
  • ✔ Urdu to Polish
  • ✔ Cantonese to Portuguese
  • ✔ Hindi to Tamil
  • ✔ Polish to Arabic
  • ✔ Greek to Italian

And so on. The list is endless and you can choose language combination as per your project requirements.

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