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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Cheap Translation Services

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Quick and Accurate Cheap Translation Services

Get the best cheap professional translation services available online at your convenience! We offer 100% human translations with a team of native translators skilled in more than 100 languages. Get in touch with our customer support to learn more!

What Are Translations?

Translation is the process of converting a document or recording from one language to another while preserving the meaning of the original content. Translations can be done for text files, video recordings, audio recordings and several other types of media.

Professional translation is a very nuanced field of work due to the finesse it demands in language proficiency and vocabulary. It is a daunting task to preserve the contextual meaning and cultural subtleties of the language during the process of translation. Thus, amateur translations are rarely considered to be accurate. It is much better to choose a professional translation agency with experienced certified translators, especially if you need to submit your translations to any official agency.

Professional Translation Services

At Quick Transcription Service, we offer a variety of cheap translation services. Our team is reputed among businesses around the world due to our attention to detail and value for money.

We assure high-quality, industry-standard translation services by making sure of the following:

✓ Experienced Translators:We only hire translators with extensive training and experience in the industry after rigorous screening processes.

✓ Process Training:Our translators go through intensive training regarding our workflow, quality control and security processes.

✓ Domain Expertise:We have a team of domain experts who work with the translators to accurately convey the meaning of domain-specific terminology.

✓ Proofreading:Our team proofreads the content once translated to check for errors and ensure maximum precision and quality.

Cheap Translation Services

Types of Translations We Deliver

Being an internationally renowned translation company, we have clients from different industries and backgrounds. We cater to individuals as well as businesses around the world for various translation needs. Some of the most common cheap translation services we offer are:

Legal Translation Services

We offer our cheap translation services for legal documents. We have expert legal translators with years of experience in the legal field. They are well-equipped with legal terminology and are aware of the importance of high precision in these documents. In the legal field, witness statements and interviews are used for indictments and trials. For this reason, they are very critical to the legal system. Translations of legal documents cannot permit any inaccuracy or room for error.

Some examples of legal documents translated by us are:

Legal Translation Services
  • Depositions
  • Interviews
  • Witness statements
  • Interrogations
  • Court proceedings
  • Agreements and contracts
  • Patents and IP documents
  • Lease deeds

Academic translation services

Academic or educational document translation services are primarily utilized by students, lecturers, schools, universities and researchers. The academic field is a vast industry with students travelling across the world for pursuing good quality education. This has created a dynamic international community of students and lecturers who need to be able to access content in a language of their choosing.

Furthermore, with the spread of online learning, the need for localized learning material has further skyrocketed. So, whether you are a student, a researcher or a lecturer, online translation services can make your work much simpler so that you can make the best out of your content!

Some examples of cheap translation services for academic content we provide are:

  • Research papers
  • Theses
  • Curriculum
  • Academic transcripts
  • Diplomas and degree certificates
  • Online lectures, etc.

Financial Translation Services

In the business world, financial translation services are one of the most critical elements of a business aiming at expanding globally. Finance is the backbone of any successful business. At Quick Transcription Service, we deeply understand the need for diligence and competence when it comes to financial documents. Thus, we only appoint translators with prior experience in translating financial documents for your projects.

Additionally, as financial documents are quite critical, we provide certified translation services for them as well.

Some examples of cheap translation services for financial documents we offer are:

  • Financial statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Audit reports
  • Financial disclosures
  • Insurance reports
  • Quarterly and annual reports

Medical translation services

The medical industry is irrefutably regarded as one of the most essential services in the world. Healthcare is considered one of the basic needs for a human being. Doctors, researches and patients around the world regularly access medical information to educate themselves and to share best practices.

Owing to the importance of the field, medical translation services are in high demand all over the world. Researchers wish to share their findings with peers from different countries for review before publishing their findings. Patients travel across borders for quality medical care and thus want access to their records and treatment plans in the language they are most familiar with.

At Quick Transcription Service, we have been providing medical translation services for years with high accuracy and timely delivery. Here are some types of cheap translation services for medical documents we have provided in the past:

  • Paitent records
  • Treatment plans
  • Pharmaceutical labels
  • Clinical trials
  • Medical journals
  • Research findings, etc.

Marketing translation services

If you are currently running or aspiring to run a successful business, then you are surely working on the marketing strategy for your organization. The goal of any effective marketing strategy is to maximize visibility and access to information regarding the organization. This might be done via social media, mainstream media, print and digital media or any other platform.

Regardless of which platform you choose for your marketing efforts, the fact remains that you will need a reliable agency to provide high quality translations of your marketing materials. At Quick Transcription Service, we provide the best quality foreign language translators at low prices.

Some of the cheap translation services we provide for marketing materials are:

  • Questionnaires
  • Leaflets and brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Coffee table booklets
  • Focus group summaries
  • Advertisements
  • Social media content, etc.

Literary translation services

In addition to the high-volume translation services listed above, we provide literary translation services for authors and publishing agencies. Our team is qualified to translate your books and scripts with precision and thoroughness making sure that you are satisfied with the final outcome.

Here are some examples of literary translation services we provide:

  • Textbooks and reference books
  • History
  • Novels
  • Manuscripts
  • Handbooks
  • Articles
  • Poetry
  • Biographies
  • Magazines, etc.

Media translation services

Digital media is the most prevalent and potent form of information exchange in the 21st century. From social media to mainstream media, digital content such as videos, infographics, podcasts, etc. are used far and wide to share information with audiences around the world.

We help you make the best out of your content with our cheap document translation services. Here are some files we translate often:

  • YouTube videos
  • Facebook content
  • Content for television
  • Voice-overs
  • Podcasts
  • Movies, etc.

Vital document translation services

Besides supporting businesses with their translation needs, we also help individuals translate their personal documents including vital documents. Some examples of vital documents that we translate are:

  • Birth certificates and death certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce decrees
  • Driver licenses
  • Visa and passport

Cheap Certified Translation Services

What are certified translation services?

A translation can be called a certified translation if it is accompanied by a certificate of translation which attests to its authenticity and accuracy. The certificate assures the receiving authority that the translation has been done by a competent agency and has preserved all the essential components of the original material.

Certified Translation Services

It is essential to choose the right translation agency for certifying your translations because acceptance of the certificate of translation by various government agencies such as the USCIS depends on many factors like the agency’s reputation and qualification of its translators.

When do you need certified translation services?

Not all translations require certification, but, some translations are not accepted by authorities without certification. Right from submitting your documents for a new job or in your foreign university/school, getting citizenship or any other official work will surely need you to submit your translated documents and papers along with a certificate.

Some examples of documents that need certification are:

  • Legal documents
  • Financial documents
  • Immigration documents
  • Academic documents like transcripts
  • Vital documents, etc.

What does a certified translation include?

✓ The name of the certified translator

✓ Address of the certified translator/ the translation agency

✓ Contact information of the certified translator

✓ Number of pages translated

✓ Date of certified translation

✓ Time of certified translation

✓ Place of certified translation

When you are submitting documents to an official organization or a government agency, rest assured that certified translations will be required of you. In such a case, our quick and cheap certified translation services will come in handy for you!

What's more, we offer certifications for your translations for FREE! Translate with us and get your documents certified at no extra cost!

Affordable Translation Services in Over 100 Languages

Considering the vast client base we have built over the years and the growing need for multilingual translations in the world, we have been offering our services in more than 100 languages.

Our team is made up of native speakers of these languages with intensive training in the workflow of translations. So no matter which language you need your translations in, our team is here to help.

Some of the major languages we support are:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Mandarin
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Arabic
  • Vietnamese
  • Cantonese
  • Tagalog

Besides these major languages, we also support other language combinations such as English to Hindi, English to Sanskrit and vice-versa.

If you cannot find the language you need a translation in this list, don't worry. Get in touch with our customer service executives and we will support you with your needs!

Our Features

As one of the cheapest translation services available online, we bring you highly affordable rates, but we do not hold back on offering you the best features possible. We never compromise on quality in order to reduce our prices or to deliver your translations on time.

Here are some features of our cheap translation services:


✓ Highly affordable rates

✓ Translators certified by American Translators Association

✓ Experts in over 100 languages

✓ 100% human translations

✓ Free trials and bulk discounts available

✓ Native translators

✓ Fast turnaround - same-day translations available

✓ 99% accuracy and proofreading

✓ ISO 9001:2015 certified agency

✓ Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) signed

✓ Domain expertise

✓ 24/7 customer care - expect a response within minutes

✓ Security and confidentiality protocols in place

Cheap Translation Services - USCIS Accepted

If you are an individual aiming to work abroad or pursue education abroad, then you are surely putting together your documents for USCIS processing.

Quick Transcription Service is one of the most affordable translation services that provide USCIS acceptance guarantee. We translate all types of USCIS required documents such as your visa, passport, work permit, birth certificate, driver's license, degree certificates, etc.

Locations We Serve

  • Chicago
  • San Diego
  • San Antonio
  • Houston
  • San Jose
  • Dallas
  • Philadelphia
  • Austin
  • Jacksonville
  • New York
  • Columbus
  • Fort Worth
  • Los Angeles
  • Indianapolis
  • Charlotte
  • Phoenix
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle, etc.

We offer cheap translation services in locations across the US! Our online presence ensures that all our clients are able to access reliable cheap translation services at their fingertips 24/7. Our customer service team is online 24/7 to answer queries and support clients from around the world.

If your location is not listed here, do not be disheartened. Connect with our customer service executives and they will surely assist you with your translation needs!

Cheap Translation Services - Industries We Serve

Language is the backbone of communication for all businesses and individuals. Thus, translation is a basic necessity for industries that are catering to people beyond their region, culture or locality.

At Quick Transcription Services, we cater to a vast range of industries. We have specific domain experts for each industry who make sure that the translations in that domain are done accurately and thoroughly. Our client base from each of these industries is testament to our quality and reliability.

Here are some of the industries that utilize our cheap translation services regularly:

✓ Banking & finance

✓ Technology

✓ Healthcare

✓ E-Commerce

✓ Legal

✓ E-Learning

✓ Travel

✓ Manufacturing

✓ Automotive

✓ Retail

✓ Gaming

✓ Public sector, etc.

Hire Cheap Translation Services!

Quick Transcription Service has established itself as one of the leading translation service provider in the field with its consistently high quality and timely delivery of services. Whether one needs their business documents translated or their personal documents, we can provide reliable services at unmatched prices.

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