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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *

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YouTube Closed Captioning Services

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Wider Audience Reach with YouTube Closed Captioning Services

YouTube has been changing the way people search for information online. The number of searches made by individuals, around the world, in a month is more than 3 billion. Within a single minute, more than 100 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube and more than 3.25 billion hours of videos are being watched by YouTube audience in a month.

To optimize YouTube videos, closed captions are greatly needed. It will help you optimize if you have added appropriate and important keywords. Connect with Quick Transcription Service by calling 1-800-230-7918. YouTube offers automated closed captioning, but it tends to be found inaccurate in most of the cases. So, hiring professionals offering YouTube closed captioning services will be an ideal decision.

Closed Captioning For YouTube

There are many reasons why YouTube needs videos to be closed captioned. A few of these reasons are:

  • ✓ Closed captions make videos accessible to the disabled. There are more than 48 million American, who have some level of hearing issues. Reaching out to this huge population is important and it can be done by YouTube video captioning services. This will let such audience understand the information being presented in the video and will also give a notably increase in views.
  • ✓ Closed captioning for YouTube is also important with respect to people who don’t speak English as their first language. Captions will help them understand the fast-paced speeches and will also promote learning. This will boost your audience count and video engagement.
  • ✓ YouTube captioning services offer great benefits by boosting SEO. YouTube videos with captions tend to have more engagement and rank higher on the search results page.

Benefits of Adding Closed Captions to YouTube Videos

  • ✓ It will make your content more accessible to the audience who are either deaf or hard of hearing.
  • ✓ Search engines work with text only. Adding closed captions to your videos will help it rank on the search engine’s results page.
  • ✓ It has been seen that people prefer watching videos with captions. The viewing time spent on captioned videos is more in comparison to videos without captions. Thus, it is important for a better user experience.
  • ✓ Captions also promote learning of a new language for your foreign audience.
  • Better user experience leads to more audience engagement as well.

Why Poor YouTube Video Captions Are Harmful?

Poor YouTube video captions can damage your marketing strategy and brand value. A few more issues can be:

  • ✓ It spoils the user experience.
  • ✓ It can convey wrong meaning.
  • ✓ It can violate laws and compliances.
  • ✓ Decreases the user engagement.
  • ✓ Reduces the ROI of the video.
  • ✓ Convey inaccurate message, etc.

Supported File Formats by Our YouTube Captioning Services

You can send us any video by giving it a second thought. Our team delivers all types of file formats, including .m4a, .m4b, .m4v, .ra, .rm, .qt.xml, .qt.txt, .qt.smil, .smi.asx, etc.


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