100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Affordable Transcription Services in New York by the Professionals

Your search for high-quality professional transcription services in New York at affordable rates ends with us!

As the leading online transcription services company in New York, Quick Transcription Service emphasizes on delivering superior quality video & audio transcripts with dedication and integrity. We provide optimized content for search engines, helping you rank better and efficiently reach a broader target audience.

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Get certified online transcriptions in New York in over 100 languages at affordable costs by native language experts. Get professional transcription services starting at $1/minute for general content and $2/minute for legal transcriptions. For your free quote, simply dial 1-800-230-7918.

New York Transcription Services: Swift, Accurate, Reliable

Quick Transcription Service is the leading language service company in New York with over ten years of experience offering accurate services at the most competitive transcription rates in the industry. We take each project through a rigorous quality assurance process, where they are edited and proofread for accuracy and completion to deliver 100% client satisfaction.

No transcription software can capture and record all the nuances and intricacies of spoken word in audios, especially those with multiple speakers and complex industry terminology, the way humans can. At Quick Transcription Service, we offer word-for-word 100% human transcription services in New York by accredited language experts from around the world with 100% confidentiality.

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Our services come with a same-day delivery timeline, but this can vary depending on project size, complexity, and the customer's need for super rush service.

Affordable Transcription Services for All Industries

We provide cheap & best audio as well as video transcription services in New York for various industries, including:

• Legal/ government transcription- Hearings, court hearings, police interrogation, investigative reports, arbitration, evidence, depositions, parliament sessions, and wiretaps.

• Corporate/ business transcription- Board meetings, market research, marketing content, conference calls, phone calls, video content, and focus groups.

• Medical/ pharmaceutical transcription- Medical history, consultations, reports, research interviews, discharge summaries, prescriptions, and doctor conversations.

• Media/ Online transcription- Interviews, podcasts, documentaries, eBooks, webinars, YouTube, tweets, social media posts, entertainment videos, etc.

• Academic transcription- Lecture notes, webinars, dissertations, seminars, e-learning websites, academic research papers, classroom recordings, dictation, and more for researchers, students, and professors.

• General audio transcription- We will transcribe your sermon, public speech, investor meetings, live event, public announcement, phone call, movie, etc.

Professional Audio Transcription Services in New York

Whether you are looking to transcribe your digital audio, video, or tape cassette into text or braille, we got you. Thanks to our highly qualified and experienced pool of transcriptionists from around the world, we can transcribe over 100 languages with 99% accuracy like Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, German, Vietnamese, Chinese, French, Portuguese, and many more.

Depending on your unique project needs, you are free to choose from our standard formats or request a customized transcript. If you need the transcripts for official use like medical or legal purposes, we have certified transcription services in New York. Our transcribers are accredited by the relevant bodies in the industry to provide court approved audio and video transcription services in New York for various industries.

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Certified transcripts either come with a signature, stamp, or letter confirming the document’s accuracy. Our transcriptionists demonstrate professionalism, experience, good command of the native languages, and mastery of a specialized domain or subject matter to guarantee 100% acceptance in any institution.

Benefits of Professional Transcription Services in New York

✓ Transcription offers alternative means of communication in a written format making your content accessible to a particular group of audience that is hard of hearing.

✓ Transcription is a mandatory legal requirement in some fields, and to avoid disputes and lawsuits, individuals and corporations must comply.

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✓ Accurately transcribed audio and video files can save you valuable time that would otherwise be spent going through many audio files to retrieve essential data or debating trivial issues.

✓ Transcription helps deliver content to the target audience in the most comprehensive, convenient text form compared to listening.

✓ Transcribing audio and video content into text format by the professionals ensures that your content is properly formatted to improve your visibility to potential clients and to rank highly on search engines.

✓ With transcripts, you can do more with the content as they take up less storage and can easily reach your intended audience.

✓ Audio recordings can be compromised by accents, background noise, and other factors. Transcripts capture information accurately, making it readily accessible.

Why Us for Audio and Video Transcription Services, New York?

• 99% accuracy guaranteed

• Affordable prices

• NDA agreements

• Secure payments options

• Fast turnaround time

• 100+ languages

• Supports all file formats

• ISO 9001:2015 Standards

• 24/7 customer support

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Other Professional Language Services Offered in New York

✓ Translation

✓ Closed captioning

✓ Subtitling

✓ Typing

✓ Voice Overs

✓ Audio description

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