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Are you looking for professional transcribing of video or audio files? We provide services that benefit you to transcribe the files that you need.

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Interviews are needed to be transcribed with high accuracy. Contact us now for focus group interviews, telephone interviews group discussion etc.

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We serve a wide range of domain since as medical, legal, technical and other enterprises with very high-accuracy and zero errors.

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US Native Transcriber

  • Cultural relevance
  • Native experts
  • $1.75/min


  • Eg: "Hmm.."
  • For English only
  • $0.25/min extra.

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  • 3/30/60 seconds
  • Multiple speakers
  • $0.25/min extra

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Audio Transcription

Audio Transcription is the process of audio to text conversion, or Transcribing of Audio files to text format. Audio transcription services are mainly used by legal firms, courts, media, academic institutions, and other public relation companies. You have the option to choose either a verbatim audio transcription or a clean audio transcription at Quick Transcription Service. We Offer 10% discounts for non profit organization

Verbatim Audio Transcription : In this process a word by word transcription is done. Every detail like the pauses, the ‘oohs’, the ‘aahs’, the ‘wells’, ‘you knows’ are all recorded. Even if the customer (speaker) giggles, it is noted down as ‘giggling’.
Clean Audio Transcription : In this process only the actual message conveyed in the audio are transcribed.

Audio Transcription Services

Quick Transcription Service offers a prompt and specialized Audio Transcription Service. Based on the recording, proficient transcribers will be appointed. Quick Transcription service can process major audio and video files like mp3, mpeg, m4a, mid, wav audio file, rm, etc. for Audio Transcription.

If any of the words or lines are not clear, they will be put inside the square brackets [ ] to indicate that the correction has to be confirmed by the client. The various factors that might affect the audio transcription costs are:

  • Audio content
  • Audio quality (the background noise)
  • Accent of the speakers

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At Quick Transcription Service, the audio transcription process involves various steps before the final audio transcript is delivered to our clients. The audio is transcribed by an expert transcriber and then proofread by an editor for quality and accuracy.

You have all the rights to look into our quotation. Being a committed  Transcription Company, Quick Transcription Service can undoubtedly serve as your one point stop for any type of transcription services that your company will might need. We will be able to deliver quality  Audio Transcription Service however complicated the file may be.

The Lists Of Our Services:

Focus Group Transcription : Focus groups are carried out to survey about a product to improve the stock. It is done as a part of market research.

Quick Transcription Service provides a high quality text conversion for Interview Transcription, Group Discussions Transcription, Lecture Transcription, Conference Transcription, Digital Transcription, Video transcription and many other genres of Transcriptions

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