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In a survey, the National Health Interview Survey came to know that about 10% of the American population, which is around 23.7 million people, have trouble seeing. Adults in The United States spends more than 11 hours a day being in touch with media devices. They spend approximately 6 hours watching videos.

According to another research, by the end of 2019, 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be for videos alone. We should also focus on the fact that it’s not that the video consumption is increasing rapidly, but the people are also aging. With the increase in age of the population, issues like vision loss and related health problems are also increasing.

20% of the population of America will be more than the age of 65 by the end of 2030. The risk of low vision and blindness increases with aging and spending too much time watching videos can lead to huge implications for increase of vision loss in the next few years.

What is Audio Description?

Audio Description service is for people with low vision or who are blind. This service allows them to access different videos, events, books, or other performances in narrative form. Audio description service is a key for revealing the whole video or any other event, in detail for the blind and low vision viewers. The information is narrated in depth, so that they don’t miss out on anything that their seeing counterparts are consuming.

Audio description services provides narration to almost any sort of visual content, which is considered to be important for the understanding of the program. Audio description, can be a live narration or a recorded audio track, narrating the important and relevant visual information in media.

In audio description, it is assumed that the viewer is blind and accordingly they depict all the key elements that are required to understand the content by the blinds or low vision people.

There are two types of Audio Description –

1. Standard Audio Description – This is a service where the description is kept concise to fit into some allotted time and narrates the interspersed within natural pauses in dialogues of original content.

2. Extended Audio Description – Extended audio description is not bounded by the natural pauses in a video, instead it allows you to pause original source content so that you can make space for the extended description, as and when needed.

Audio Description Standards

The quality of an audio description can vary largely depending upon who has produced it and how they have produced it. Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP) provides their description key, which is considered as the ultimate comprehensive guideline for how to describe. The DCMP’s audio description standards need to be followed in order to create a good quality description.

We, at Quick Transcription Services, follow DCMP description keys to make high quality audio descriptions for our customers. Only a great quality audio description can help the low vision and blind people to understand the content in a better way.

Audio Description Formats

The traditional way of publishing audio description is not supported by many audio/ video players and also by many platforms. To make things easier for our customers, we support a wide range of different downloadable formats. The formats are widely divided into two categories –

1. Text Based – This includes the audio description being done in textual format. We support following downloadable file formats for that –

  • ● WebVTT
  • ● TXT
  • ● DOC
  • ● Merged DOC
  • ● Stamped DOC
  • ● Merged DOC (Stamped)

2. Media Based – Media based audio description format has two subcategories.

2.1. Audio Description Only – In this file includes audio description only and doesn’t include the source audio. The formats you can download are – MP3, OGG and WAV.

2.2. Mixed Audio Description – Here, the file will include audio description as well as the source audio. The downloadable formats are – MP4, MP3, OGG and WAV.

Audio Description vs Descriptive Video

The audio description and descriptive video are synonyms to each other. The service provider includes a separate narrated audio track that makes it easy for the blinds and low vision viewers to access the events and videos by describing all the relevant visual elements.

However, the difference is that the term Audio Description is used in the US and UK while Described Video term is used in Canada. Now, the subtle difference is important because Canada has different meaning for Audio Description, which is separate from the definition of Described Video.

Audio Description Services We Offer

The list of our audio description services is huge. Some of the services are –

  • Recorded History Exhibition Audio Description
  • Science Exhibition Audio Description
  • Tour and Travel Applications Audio Description
  • Webcast Audio Description
  • Voice – over with audio description
  • Weather Report Audio Description
  • DVDs/ Blu – ray Audio Description
  • Newscasts Audio Description
  • Sports Scores Audio Description
  • Financial Data Audio Description
  • Audio Books Description

And many more…


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