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Subtitling Services

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Overcome Subtitle Challenges with Our Subtitling Services

Subtitles are the demand of the time. You can’t expect a video without subtitles in the present world. As per Digiday’s report, Facebook users watch 85% of the videos without turning on the sound. This is just one scenario, there are many similar things, that make the need for subtitles vital in the videos these days.

According to one another study, subtitles increases comprehension as well. Individuals prefer watching videos that have subtitles. It also improves the view time of videos which leads to getting more engagement from the viewers. Furthermore, subtitles are important for better reach on the internet and with audiences from different geographical locations.

There are a lot of industries that need professional subtitling services. A few of them are gaming, entertainment, television, broadcasting, social media, e-learning, promotional marketing, mobile applications, travel and hospitality, etc.

How A Subtitling Service is Different from Captioning Service?

At first, most people get confused between subtitles and closed captions. They do look the same, but they are two different services. The selection between the two can be difficult but can have a great impact on your audience regarding your video and brand.

Subtitles are used as an alternative for all kinds of speeches and vocal participants. It includes all the dialogues from the video, spoken words of different characters and narrators. With subtitles, it is considered that the audience is able to hear the audio, all they need is dialogues to be provided in text form. Subtitles are generally used for translating the video into another language, for a foreign audience.

On the other hand, closed captions not only include dialogues and speeches but also provide text form of other soundtracks such as: background sounds, opening and closing of the door, the ringing of phones, etc. Closed captioning assumes that the audience is deaf or cannot hear, thus it offers a description of every sound taking place in the video. The motive of using closed captioning is typically for hearing-impaired individuals.

Online Subtitling Services Offered By Us

Our online subtitling services provide subtitling to multiple different files. Our multilingual subtitling services includes:

  • ✓ Video subtitling services
  • ✓ Advertising videos
  • ✓ Feature films
  • ✓ Short movies
  • ✓ Documentaries
  • ✓ Pre-recorded television programs
  • ✓ Feature films
  • ✓ Corporate videos
  • ✓ Video podcasts
  • ✓ CD subtitling services
  • ✓ DVD subtitling
  • ✓ Cassettes subtitling services
  • ✓ Webcasts, etc.

Challenges in Subtitling Services and How We Handle Them

Besides video quality and translating the video content into a difficult language, there are more things that are considered as challenges in subtitling services. A few of the challenges are:

✓ The first issue that our professionals have to deal with is fitting the subtitles or written text into a fixed space. As the text varies in length with different languages, it becomes difficult to fit an expanded text into the same space.

✓ The speed of the actor delivering the dialogue is the next issue. If your text is expanded and at the same time the dialogue speed is also fast, the text can’t be presented for a longer time to make your readers read it properly. It will either lead to fast moving subtitles or dialogues moving ahead of the subtitles.

✓ Since we talk faster in comparison to how we read, and this makes the subtitles difficult with multiple speakers. You have to take care of all the above-mentioned points along with subtitle visibility and synchronizing the text with the speakers.

✓ Creative footages like movies, advertisements, etc. do have their style and our subtitling service understands these requirements. Our team of professionals maintains the style of the video in written form as well to convey the exact meaning of the spoken words.

✓ Font choice is also an issue. The font size selected by the subtitling service should be visible in terms of color and size. As the screen size differs, the font should be selected so that it is not too big for smaller screens like smartphones and at the same time not too small for the large screens like a television.

Subtitling services can assist the video producers to maintain the rules of video accessibility to a wider audience. Subtitling for hearing impaired and deaf individuals is now a standard that every video maker must follow. Our subtitling services are also great support for a broader audience reach.

We at Quick Transcription Service understand the different needs and thus offer customized subtitling services to our customers overcoming all the challenges. Get started with our services at the minimal rate of $11.20 per minute. Today, secure your free estimate by calling 1-800-230-7918.

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