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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Court Transcription Services

Depending on your requirement, Quick Transcription Service accuracy level to ensure providing our clients perfect transcription services.

Quick Transcription Service tests every Court or Legal Transcription with our four step quality assurance process to make sure that we offer highest standard of court or Legal transcription services. We further ensure that each and every transcript is proofread, verified, reviewed and corrected perfectly.

Learn more about our 100% data confidentiality which you can avail if you are not happy with our Court Transcription or Legal Transcription Services.

There is practically no aspect of corporate life today where transcription services are not essential. The court is one area where transcription services are absolutely needed. This is because as far as the keeping of records and retrieval of information are concerned, transcription is the perfect way to ensure these are done optimally. The services have to meet the highest level of standards.

Quick Transcription Service provides certified audio transcription services that can quickly and accurately produce transcripts from jury trials, recorded hearings, arraignments, voir dire proceedings, sentencing, bail hearings, or other court matters. Almost all court systems around the world are now equipped with audio recording equipment. As such there are several options for the transcription of hearings and court proceedings. One of the difficulties of traditional in-room live court reporter transcription is the high expense. QTS provides the most convenient and cost-effective court certified transcription services for individuals, or courts, or law firms. We take your recordings and transcribe them into easily readable, recordable, indexable, and shareable court transcripts in the required format.

A delay in transcribing can result in delays in appeals and cases. Our hand-picked excellent certified court transcriptionist can accommodate turnaround times as fast as 24 hours. Besides, costs can be reduced with the standard turnaround time of 5-7 days.

With QTS, Your court transcription services will be handled by a dedicated account manager. Dedicated quality controllers are there to help you obtain accurate results. Moreover, corrections if needed can be quickly achieved through the state of art streamline document processing. Besides QTS supports all of the major global languages. So, if you want court transcript translation in a jiffy QTS should be your choice.

High skills and vast experience are needed when it comes to court certified transcription services as the transcribed documents must be 100% accurate. The process involves converting an audio file from the given audio/video file into a written or text format. Professional court transcription services are being provided by multiple companies that will help provide quick legal transcriptions needed by law firms. Legal transcriptions are important as they contain all the information that was spoken in the court during a trial. Courtroom transcription services refer to all the legal proceedings happening in a court to provide justice. During the trial, everything can be recorded using a smartphone or a camera and then later it can be transcribed for further proceedings that can be a reliable source of information. Quick Transcription Service provides certified audio transcription services and court approved transcription services. You can contact Quick Transcription Service anytime for your transcription needs.

Court transcription services play an important role in today's time due to higher volumes and time-consuming nature of court proceedings. It is not easy to quickly type or note down the discussion at a court room. Hence, transcription services are unavoidable and it is best to rely on service providers such as Quick Transcription Service, to get accurate, reliable, cost-effective and on-time court hearing transcription services. We provide certified court transcription services which are mandatory in the U.S and are also accepted all across the globe. Moreover, we offer to sign an NDA to provide highly secure and 100% confidential court transcription services. We provide professional audio transcription services for jury trials, hearings, arraignments, voir dire proceedings, sentencing, bail hearings, and others. All that the client needs to do is provide a recorded audio/video in any format and everything else will be taken care by Quick Transcription Service.

Certified Court Transcription Services

For those who may be wondering what certified court transcription services are, it is simply the conversion of content from its audio version to the text version in the court. Certified transcription demands a lot of skills and experience on the part of the professional, and this is what we offer at Quick Transcription Service.

Documents Demanding Court Transcription Services

Court transcripts are vital for the legal industry. There is a wide range of audiences that require such certified transcription services for legal matters. Law firms, legal advisors, divorce lawyers, civil lawyers, and criminal lawyers are amongst the top audiences approaching such services. We provide accurate court transcription keeping in mind the terminologies and jargon difficulties.

Quick Transcription Services has transcription services for all court needs. We support public hearing, arbitration hearing, wiretap, administrative hearing, meeting minute, conference, memorandum, judicial hearing, interrogation, certificate of incorporation, court decisions, standard, statute, contract, minute, shareholder agreement, calls for tender, incorporation of companies, official report, agreement, purchase/ disposal contract, convention, patent and court hearing transcription services majorly at affordable rates and with high accuracy. We also serve our clients with rush and super rush court transcription services depending upon their urgent needs.

During the COVID times, the cases that are more prevalent are public hearing, arbitration hearing, wiretap, administrative hearing, meeting minute, conference, and memorandum, and so on. We provide transcriptions for documents relating to criminal proceedings by video or audio conference, public access to Video or Teleconference Hearings, video & Tele-conferencing under CARES act, Court/legal arrangements, Filing of Sealed Criminal Documents, Conferences by District Court and so on.

Quick Legal Transcription

Legal transcription services are used for court proceedings, hearings, depositions, interview, or even mediations. Reliable legal transcription services which we offer at Quick Transcription Service are needed for smooth and efficient running of legal services in general.

In video marketing, the central importance of court transcription services also come to the fore. In these services, accuracy and precision are of extreme importance. This explains why only professionals are engaged in it. In most cases, after the first layer of transcription has been done, there is another layer of proofreading carried out by a set of editors. Virtually all the materials or content transcribed are confidential and should remain such irrespective of the formats the content is in. Considering the facts raised above, it is always necessary to hire only the best of professionals from Quick Transcription Service to carry out the tasks.

Documents Supported by Court Transcription Services

Also called as legal transcription, court transcription services involve converting judicial audios and videos into texts, as per a court or advocate’s requirement. Wire tapes, memorandums, court tapes, trials, depositions, and other internal communications are the common formats that require court transcription services. Confidentiality and security of private data are the primary concerns of reputed court transcription services and agencies.

What Are Court Transcription Services And Their Application?

Transcription is basically about turning the spoken words, or that has been recorded into written form. Court transcription services are about the transcription of proceedings of the legal affair into a legally accepted form. The materials used in the documents for transcription purposes can be audios, recordings made in digital form, or any kind of storage device. Demand for court hearing transcription services has significantly grown.

It has started addressing a huge range of legal affairs ranging from interviews, briefings, testimonials, witness statements, briefing of interrogations, etc. A transcription service provider is expected to maintain utmost accuracy considering the sensitivity of legal affairs.

QTS Offers Transcription Services for The Following:

  • Wire taps, Verbatim, Correspondence
  • Trial, Depositions, Courttapes
  • Memorandums and other internal communications
  • Translation and transcription of multiple languages
  • English to Spanish translation

Quick Transcription Service offers different Turnaround Times to meet our Legal transcription clients need individually. Learn more about our Legal Transcription in TAT page. With QTS affordable and transparent pricing model, you'll know how much your Legal Transcription will cost before you submit them. Check out Legal Transcription or Court Transcription Rates.

Estimate your transcription work here:

You can upload your Audio or Video Files to our site directly for Legal Transcription or Court Transcription.

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