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We price match all quotes

and provide speedy delivery on all our services

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Are you looking for professional transcribing of video or audio files? We provide services that benefit you to transcribe the files that you need.


Interviews are needed to be transcribed with high accuracy. Contact us now for focus group interviews, telephone interviews group discussion etc.

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We serve a wide range of domain since as medical, legal, technical and other enterprises with very high-accuracy and zero errors.

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Deposition Transcription Services

Our deposition/legal transcription experts who also are familiar with legal jargon can deliver Verbatim Transcriptions of meetings, briefs, interrogations, hearings, court depositions, legal examinations and more.

Types of Deposition Transcriptions

Our Deposition transcription services include:

  • Topic summary deposition
  • Page by page deposition
  • Chart summary deposition
  • Customized depositions

Our Legal or Deposition Transcriptionists can deliver the transcripts according to your preferred deposition format. Customer specific formatting is one of the key highlights of Quick Transcription Service Deposition Transcription Services.

When you choose Quick Transcription Service for your Deposition Transcription or Legal Transcription needs, you are not only choosing a reputable transcription company but also saving more than 50% what you might spend on outsourcing your transcription work to other company or having in-house transcribers.

Our other Transcription Services include:Legal Transcription, Court Room Transcription, DDS Transcription, Malay Transcription, Marathi Transcription, Verbatim Transcription, Judgments Transcription, Attorney Dictations Transcription and Marwari Transcription Services.

Deposition Transcription Faq

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Effective transcription can make COVID-19 updates accessible

With the COVID19 pandemic, industries are seeing a new low in terms of everyday business. But arenas such as Medical, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Media, Public Interest Organisations etc, have been constantly juicing their physical and business skills. This is mainly to provide steady audio, video and documentation updates to the people. This is why we are providing 100% quality and online transcription services with great accuracy even at such difficult times. quick transcription service : Your best bet at serving constant support.

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