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Welcome to Quick Transcription Service. We are proud to be one of the leading and most reliable transcription companies in the industry. With our services, you can outsource transcription, translation, and work from anywhere in the world. Quick Transcription Service provides high-quality audio and video transcription services to corporations (Corporate Transcription), legal firms (Legal Transcription), media houses (Media Transcription) and universities (Lecture or University Transcription). Our transcription services start at $0.10/min.

We offer court proceedings transcription, legal transcription, and business transcription services to companies and individuals located all around the world. The quality of our services is regardless of where you live. We are an ISO certified company and specialize in dialects of over 100 languages. Our professional online transcription service guarantees you won’t miss any significant parts of the audio recorded, whether it is a phone call or a lecture at university or an important meeting with shareholders.

The time taken for transcribing a file is subject to the length of documents or recordings. Typically, one hour of a clear audio file on average takes 5-6 hours, ensuring effective, accurate transcription. Files are delivered ready for publication. Several of our clients, both companies and individuals, recommend our transcription services simply because of our high quality and professionalism. These attributes set us apart from other transcription companies.

Transcription is our specialty and our most requested service. Transcribers at Quick Transcription Service are not just experienced professionals with years of experience under their belt, they are also highly qualified to accurately transcribe your files. When working on a business, academic or medical transcription, our transcribers ensure precise attribution of sentences to the correct speaker in the recording.

To ensure unparalleled excellence, we employ only professional transcribers. Furthermore, we employ editors to perform quality checks before the files are delivered to you. This means our online transcription services are the best in the industry.


We have highly professional transcription staff to take care of your transcription needs. Audio to text service is offered by Quick Transcription Service at an unbeatable price and 100% data confidentiality.


Our qualified translators are well versed in translating different kinds of documents related to legal, financial, media, and more. Website translation services help your website to reach a worldwide audience through their own languages.


Quick Transcription Service offers you all kinds of typing services. We take up all types of typing projects and make sure it is delivered the way you want it to be. We accept virtually every file format.


We provide captioning services along with audio/video transcription services. We provide captioning services for movies, TV shows, documentary films, reality shows, and raw footages.


At Quick Transcription Service, we offer a wide variety of conversion services. You might have valuable data or memories that you don’t want to lose. Don’t worry about anything! We help you convert any kind of format you would want.


We offer professional voice over services for radio, television, businesses, commercials, narrations, and more. Our talented and experienced voice artists can give you the right modulation and content delivery at an affordable price.


For as low as $60, enliven your visual media with captivating video animations that are unique, informative, and generate results. Whether you want to charm your target audiences or strengthen your brand image, we can assist you.


Experience the amazing video editing services starting at only $60. Our master video editors know how to polish all genres of videos with perfect timings, creativity, and interplay of elements. Prepare to go viral!

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