100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


German Transcription Services

Quick Transcription Service has native German Transcriptionists who are experienced in German Transcription in addition to English Transcription work. Our German transcription services are priced affordably starting at $5.00/minute.

We also offer German to English Transcription and English to German Transcription. Call us to get free quote for your required transcription services. Our German Transcription Services are assured to exceed your quality expectations as Quick Transcription Service has only native-speaking German transcriptionists for German Transcription Service. Our Transcribers are well-versed in different industry terminologies including finance, Business and Legal.

Our German Transcription Services

Our company offers professional and state-of-art German transcription services. We pride ourselves in having successfully completed thousands of German transcription orders since our inception. Our team of transcribers consist of professionals who are highly skilled in German to English transcription services and our clients are guaranteed of getting transcripts with high-quality and accuracy.

Certified German Transcription Services

Is your business ready to conquer the German markets? Then it’s always advisable to approach a professional transcription agency. German, being the second most widely spoken language after English is also a native language to almost 100 million people worldwide. The German language has gained more prominence in the US with the rising German American population. Owing to such high popularity of this language, there is a great demand for English to German transcription services. At Quick Transcription Service, our 100+ native language experts assure top quality and accurate online German transcription services, which are certified and notarized as per global standards and compliance. We are considered to be the best among certified German transcription companies in the US, for providing error-free and quick transcription services.

Industries Hiring German Audio Transcription Services

The demand for certified German transcription services is widely increasing in the market. Regardless of the domains, businesses are not only hiring German to English transcription services alone but the demand for English to German transcription services is also quite high.

Be it automotive & mechanical industry, or chemical domain, be it technology or manufacturing, the requirement of German audio transcription services is everywhere. In the maximum of the businesses, audio content is a part of their everyday workflow. Conference calls, recording of meetings and presentations, discussions on marketing strategies, interview recordings, and many others are some to name a few.

The transcript of all these different kinds of audio content is a must and can be used in multiple ways. A company can use its meeting recordings and conference call German transcripts for company records or to train new employees and trainees. On the other hand, a candidate’s interview recordings transcripts can be kept as employee records.

Similarly, some of this content can be used for website content, blogs, social media posts, press releases, and others as well.

Exclusive German Transcription Services

Our qualified transcriptionists are proficient to process large volumes of content based on your unique requirement. We also have rush and super rush services for all your immediate transcription demands. At Quick Transcription Service, we offer:

  • ✓ German video transcription services
  • ✓ German business and legal transcription services
  • ✓ German media transcription services
  • ✓ German audio transcription services
  • ✓ German academic transcription services

Interested in taking your media or business to the next level? We are available just a click away. You can easily access our website by typing German transcription services near me in any standard browser of your choice. Sit back and avail the most accurate and transparent transcription services at affordable rates!

Our company is one of the few companies that have the following features:

We provide services with 24/7 support to our customers. As we follow the ISO 9001:2015 standards, we deliver reliable and confidential German to English transcription services. We provide notarization to our clients on request and our English to German transcription are 100% secured and confidential. Our transcribers are experts thus your transcription orders are in safe hands and gives instant quote once our clients place an order.

What makes our company to stand out?

You may wonder why you should come to us for your German transcription services instead of other agencies, the answer is simple, it is because we are the best in this industry due to various features.

We are leading in the business industry for many years now and we have been offering our clients the best German transcription services and they keep coming back to us. In our company, we really care about what we do that’s why we only present German transcripts that we are extremely happy with our clients. We have been able to stand out from our competitors because other companies use machine transcription which is usually full of errors while our transcription job is handled only by human experts.

Delivering Transcription with Constant Quality

Our company have maintained quality output throughout our existence despite our fair prices. Our ultimate goal is to provide accurate German to English transcription services and we are committed to providing the best German transcriptions within budget and deadline. At the end of it all, our quality of work is never and has never been compromised despite our affordable pricing. Get ahold of us today through our toll-free numbers for the best German transcription services you can ever get.

What is the delivery time for German transcription services?

The delivery time expected for German transcription services is usually fixed on the basis of thorough analysis and assessment of the quality, duration, dialect and format of the media format. Adding verbatim and time-stamps may further delay the expected delivery time for a project. The language of the transcript and the audio or video file is also crucial for determining the turnaround time on German transcription services. As a matter of fact, the overall quality and precision of a transcript should not be compromised, regardless of how fast, the turnaround time is estimated for quick German transcription services. A few agencies hire certified linguists to deliver results on projects like German audio transcription services with excellent accuracy without hampering the quality, at the promised deadline.

Why Do You Need German Transcription Services?

Quick Transcription Service provides affordable German transcription services, converting audio files to text from German to English or English to German. Our prices start at $5 for every minute. If you have questions, give us a call at 1-800-230-7918. They offer closed captions that are usually time-coded to the audio of video files. German to English Transcription services transcribes your audio/video file easily to understand the native language that helps you understand an audio speech easily. With enormous years of expertise, you can get the best transcription of your medical files. They also offer you transcription in several other languages as per your requirement.

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