Turkish Voice Over Services

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Turkish voice over jobs

Turkish Voice Over Services are par excellence at Quick Transcription Service. Our team with the very best in terms of Turkish voice over talent gives the best quality. Our turnaround time is quick and our voice over rates are one of the lowest in professional voice over.

We care for our clients and our 24/7/365 customer service bears testimony to that. We cover the entire gamut of Turkish voice over services, be it Turkish music videos, instructional videos, or Turkish e-learning or promotional videos. Our supreme confidence in Turkish voice over spurs us to offer all our clients 15 day superior qualityendorsement in professional voice over.

Turkish Voice Over Services

Turkish is a widely spoken language in Turkey. It is also spoken in several countries like Germany, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Northern, Greece. We are extremely dedicated and a leading name in Turkish voice over jobs. We cater to all kinds of formats.

We provide audio & Video files such as MP3 files via FTP (internet), AU, Mpc, AIF, WMA, MPEG-4 ALS, WAV, MPEG-4 SLS, MPEG-4 DST, Mp4 and CDr, DG Systems for radio stations and real-time via ISDN Codes.

It is our specialty to give custom-made perfect solutions for all types of Turkish voice over needs.

Professional Turkish Voice Over


We are proud of the Professional voice over that we offer and the very base voice over rates that we charge. As you upload your requirements, we get back to you free quote of rate per/min/hour within minutes.

Turkish voices over services are,

Turkish Dubbing Services

We offer professional Turkish dubbing services and Turkish voice over dubbing services. Our team of all native Turkish voice over artists has made us a name to reckon with amongst all voice over agencies. Our processes include movies, videos, mobile, training scripts, e-learning, etc.

We are also providing Turkish CART services, Turkish Closed Captioning services, Turkish Typing services, Turkish Interpretation services, Turkish Translation services and Turkish Transcription services.

Except Voice over service we also provide the following:

Turkish Voice over training , Turkish voice over workshops, Turkish voice over coach, Turkish voice over recording, Turkish voice over audition.

We have for Voice over service voice over equipments, voice over app, voice over techniques, voice over software and voice over studio and more.

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