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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *

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Are you looking for professional transcribing of video or audio files? We provide services that benefit you to transcribe the files that you need.


Interviews are needed to be transcribed with high accuracy. Contact us now for focus group interviews, telephone interviews group discussion etc.

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We serve a wide range of domain since as medical, legal, technical and other enterprises with very high-accuracy and zero errors.

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Focus Group Transcription Services

Transcribing Focus Group Meeting is not as simple as transcribing other audios (1v1 interviews or research interviews). Focus Group Transcriptionists are experienced and familiar with various industry terms (Legal, Media and General).

Focus Group Discussion usually will have one moderator with 6 to 12 participants. The moderator is one who asks question to the participants and they share their opinion. The focus group discussions are recorded usually on video or audio.

Focus groups are also conducted through Online or Skype. You may upload the focus group audio or video files directly to our site.

Our Other Online Transcription Services include: Audio Transcription Service,Video Transcription Service, Malay Transcription, Mp3 Transcription Service, YouTube Video Transcription, Deposition Transcription, Marathi Transcription, Legal Transcription Service and other transcription services.

Focus group transcription services convert the recorded conversation of a group of people into text. It is a group of people who are teamed up together to discuss a project or research. In this, they will be given or shown a product or service and the companies ask them for their opinions. The team members are allowed to share their opinions, thoughts and ideas about the topic. These discussions are difficult to be transcribed as two or more people can voice their opinion at the same time. Hence, the quality and accuracy of the transcriber should be great. The team of transcribers should be experienced professionals for focus group interview transcription services. Quick Transcription Service is a professional and certified transcription service provider providing focus group interviews transcription services and online focus group transcription services at the best prices in the market. Focus group transcription services are used by training companies, research organizations, market researchers and so on.

What Are Focus Group Transcription Services?

A Focus group is a tool for market research. People from various parts of society participate in this group to discuss any product/service. In this group, participants are made familiar with a product/service, and they are asked to convey their impressions about the product. A focus group transcription services help you in transcribing the conversation of the focus group participants. As there are participants from several parts of the world, it becomes difficult to overcome the language barrier. But in such cases, online focus group transcription services help transcribe the impressions into the desired language.

The focus group interviews transcription services help you decode diverse languages spoken in the interview. This also helps you gain knowledge about a service/product getting the language transcribed within affordable focus group transcription rates. If you are participating in a focus group conversation, you must hire reliable focus group transcription services.

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