We price match all quotes and provide speedy delivery on all our services *

We price match all quotes

and provide speedy delivery on all our services


You Tube Audio & Speech Transcription

Insurance Transcription

Best Insurance Transcription services are offered from Quick Transcription Service. QTS is known for fast and accurate Digital Transcription Services.

How can Quick Transcription Service help insurance companies?

Recorded claim statement is usually a question and answer meeting where the insurance company meets the claimant and other people who might be related or have knowledge, related to the claim. It’s usually done over the phone, material is gathered which might be related to the claim so enabling the insurer to decide upon its requirements under a policy.


Movie Transcription

If you have done your own movie transcription, you might know how difficult it would be to transcribe a movie. Quick Transcription Service is one of the most preferred video or movie transcription companies in the United States. Our transcription quality, turnaround time and affordable transcription pricing made us reach on top in the industry.


Radio Transcription

Radio is still a very important way for society to receive important information, but what if you need to remember the content or information of the programs that was broadcasted on the radio? Quick Transcription Service has experienced Radio Transcriptionists who can transcribe the audio to text or other formats as required.


YouTube Audio Transcription

Quick Transcription Service provides YouTube Audio Transcription Services at Affordable Price. Our YouTube audio transcription rates Starting at $0.69/min . We have experienced YouTube Audio transcriptionists, who are well knowledgeable in different industry terms, therefore whatever be the topic and the YouTube Audio is about, we can deliver the best quality and accuracy.


YouTube Speech to Text Transcription

Best YouTube Speech to Text Transcription Service is provided by Quick Transcription Service. YouTube speech transcription involves converting any speech which is uploaded in YouTube website to text format. We have experienced YouTube transcriptionists who can transcribe any type YouTube audio or video to text.


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