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We price match quotes

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Online Transcribing Services


Pop-on captions are one or two lined captions that appear on the screen and disappear in few seconds. Quick Transcription Service guarantees 100% accuracy.


Roll-up captions follow double chevrons (which look like “greater than” symbols) and are used to indicate different speaker identifications. Each sentence “rolls up” to about three lines. The top line of the three disappears as a new bottom line is added, allowing the continuous rolling up of new lines of captions.


Individual words are “painted on” from left to right, not popped on with all captions at once, and are verbatim.

  • How to transcribe audio into text?
  • The audio files are sent to us. We at Quick Transcription Service review the file and the duration before we start to transcribe. Then our transcriptionists will transcribe the audio file. There are two ways of transcribing an audio and depends purely on your need.

  1. Verbatim audio transcription: In this type of transcription we transcribe word by word including verbal nods like “Hmmm” etc.
  2. Clean audio transcription: In this type we transcribe the exact message and not word by word.
  • What is audio transcription?
  • Audio Transcription is where the audio file is transcribed to text format by skilled transcriptionists. In this way, a written or a printed copy of the audio file is created and retained.

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