Public Service Interpretation

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Public Service interpretation service

Public Service Interpreting is a demanding career where the interpreters act as a bridge between the government departments and various other public sectors and the public. This service is the most useful one for the immigrants who visit other countries for various purposes of their own like education, employment, business and sightseeing.

Only qualified professionals must do professional public service interpreting. The interpreters who engage in this service are experts in their respective fields as well in their interpreting skills.

Public Service Interpretation

Many public service interpreting providers offer interpreting services through online and offline. Quick transcription service, the best public service interpreting Company, has been supplying professional interpreters to serve in courts, immigration, medical, police and foreign embassies. We have interpreters who have passed diploma in public service interpreting in addition to their subject qualification like finance or law.

They are capable of providing simultaneous public service interpreting as well as consecutive public service interpreting.
In spite of our international standard of quality and our highly qualified interpreters, we charge only very less public service interpreting rate only.
Our Public Service Interpreting Services include:

  • Immigration interviews
  • Court hearings
  • Hospital appointments
  • Interviews under caution
  • Back to work interviews
  • GP appointments
  • Social Worker Assessment

Quicktranscriptionservice have a large pool of language experts who work as translators, interpreters and voice over professionals. With a vast network of professionals, we are able to cater to any type of public needs instantly since we know our responsibility involved in this profession. We are ready on 24x7x365 basis.

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