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We price match quotes

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Thai & Yoruba Transcription Services

Urdu Transcription Services

Quick Transcription Service provides high quality Urdu Transcription Services at Affordable Transcription Rate. Our Transcription Company is located the New York but we offer Urdu translation and transcription services worldwide.

Urdu is a register of the Hindi Urdu language that is identified with Muslims in South Asia. Urdu is from the Indo-European family. Urdu is the lingua franca and national language of Pakistan. Urdu is also spoken in some regions of India. Urdu developed under the influence of Arabic, Persian and Turkic over the course of almost 800 years.

Thai Transcription Services

Thai is an official language of Thailand and it is also the native language of the Thai community. Some words in Thai are taken from Sanskrit, Pali and Old Khmer. Quick Transcription Service is been providing Thai Transcription Service since 2009 as the result of increasing demand for Thai transcription. Our Thai Online Transcription services come with 100% money back guarantee.


Yoruba Transcription Services

Yoruba is spoken in West Africa and it is a Niger Congo language. We provide high quality Yoruba Transcription and translation services at an affordable transcription rate. Yoruba is spoken by approximately 20 million people. It is more widely related to other Congo languages, Nigerian Niger including Igbo, Edo and Nupe.


Maithili Transcription Services

Maithili is one of the major Indian languages. It is spoken in the eastern region of India and southern part of Nepal. It is also classified as one of the Indo Aryan languages. Quick Transcription Service provides Maithili Transcription services at an affordable transcription rate.


Sundanese Transcription Services

Do you have Sundanese audio or video files which you need to transcribe? Then we have native Sundanese Transcriptionists staffs who provide both transcription service and translation services. Our Sundanese Online Transcription Services come with satisfaction guarantee. Your Sundanese audio and video files can directly be uploaded to our website. QTS marketing team will get back to you with transcription price quote within 24hours.


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