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Hakka, Igbo, Pashto

Marwari & Pashto Transcription Services

Hakka Transcription Services

We provide Hakka Transcription service at best Transcription Rate in the industry. Hakka is one of the widely spoken languages in southern China by the Hakka community. Hakka Transcription is transcribing Hakka audio or video file into text format. Your digital audio and video files can directly be uploaded to our website and you will receive transcription price quote within 24 hours.

Igbo Transcription Services

We provide high quality Igbo translation and Transcription Services at an affordable transcription rate. Igbo is spoken by Igbo people who are primarily situated in southeastern Nigeria and it is also the national language of Nigeria. Igbo is written in Latin script, which was introduced by British colonialists.


Pashto Transcription Services

Pashto belongs to the Indo Iranian language and it is spoken in Iran and Pakistan. Pashto Transcription is one of our major online language transcription services we provide. Our Pashto Transcriptionists are native Pashto speakers and they are experienced in delivering translation and Transcription Services at highest accuracy and quality within quick turnaround time. Even though our Transcription company is located in New York and Los Angeles, we provide Online Transcription services across the US and UK.


Marwari Transcription Services

Marwari is spoken in Rajasthan (Indian State), Gujarat (Indian State) and Pakistan. There are about 13.2 million Marwari speakers in India. Our Marwari transcriptionists are native Marwari speakers and they are experienced in delivering Marwari transcription and translation services for various digital audios and videos. Our Marwari Online Transcription Services come with 100% money back guarantee as we strive to keep our quality and promise to our client’s expectation.


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