Video Interpretation Service

professional video interpreting services

All business environments including hospitals, clinics, mental health care settings, courts, police stations, schools, financial institutions require instant, clear and comprehensible communication. We provide Video interpretation services to fill the gap between over the phone and onsite interpretation services.

There is difference between interpreting the word and that those words were understood. Video remote interpreting (VRI) helps to see the facial expressions of the interpreter to make sure that the words were understood and communicated well. The other advantage of video remote interpreting is that if a regular interpreter is unavailable, it can fill the gap.

Video Interpretation Service

You may come across many Video remote interpreting providers on the web site. We are a premier video interpretation company that provides Video conference interpretation, Internet video conference and web conference for corporate, schools, universities, and government agencies with qualified and professional video Interpreters.

We are a Certified video interpretation agency that delivers high-quality video and audio even under difficult operating condition. Our automatic monitoring and correction tool helps users to relax about the technology and focus on their session.

We extend our Video interpreting services to deaf through video conferencing. The remote interpreter listens through a headset to what is being said and interprets it. The deaf person watches the interpreter on the screen.

We provide Video interpretation services for in-person situations such as meetings, doctor visits, and court proceedings using videoconferencing, videophone or web-based video technology. Our Professional Video interpretation is available “on demand” 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

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