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Get Top Quality Transcription Services in Pittsburgh

Trust our native experts to deliver the best transcription services in Pittsburgh in any language, on time, and with 99% accuracy at affordable prices.

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Professional Transcription Services in Pittsburgh by the Experts

In today's fast-paced world, creating accurate text documents from your audio recordings is a necessity in many industries. Thanks to transcription, professionals, and businesses can accurately communicate the messages, document dialogue, and share information with a broader global audience.

At Quick Transcription Service, we have been at the forefront, helping industry leaders remain efficient in their global communication and operational needs with expert transcription services. We provide transcription services at competitive rates: starting at $1 per minute for general transcriptions and $2 per minute for legal transcriptions. Get your free quote today by calling 1-800-230-7918. We take a detailed professional approach to providing top-quality human transcription services in Pittsburgh for various industries. We are available 24/7 to offer you unmatched quality, prices, and professionalism in transcription services.

Wondering if your language is too complex for us? Worry not. We work with native experts worldwide and can handle any language, its dialects, and nuances with high accuracy. We can translate over 100 major languages, including Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, German, Italian, Russian, Vietnamese, French, Portuguese, etc.

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Hire the Best Pittsburgh Transcription Services Company

Do you wish to have your podcast, research, phone call, meeting, investigative report, interview, or other dialogue transcribed by professionals with high accuracy at an affordable price? Quick Transcription Service is your ideal partner.

From the positive reviews from thousands of satisfied clients globally, Quick Transcription Service is undoubtedly the best transcription services company for cheap audio and video files in Pittsburgh. Researchers, students, professionals, businesses, and corporates entrust their transcription needs to us as we guarantee privacy, security, and confidentiality of information.

As an ISO 9001:2015 Standards company, every member of our transcription services in Pittsburgh is handpicked based on their linguistic abilities and domain-specific expertise, ensuring that the quality that we provide meets the industry standards, always. With over a decade’s experience in the language services industry, every transcription project is handled with dedication and integrity and comes with a 99% accuracy guarantee.

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We Provide Transcription Services for Many Industries

Contact us for quality-assured transcription services in Pittsburgh under any of these categories:

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You can assign your transcription tasks to us within minutes. Our ordering procedure is fast & efficeint.
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Professional Audio Transcription Services in Pittsburgh

Are you looking to make content scannable, searchable, and SEO friendly? Get your audio and video files transcribed by the top talent in the language industry at Quick Transcription Service.

We have the best international transcriptionists working round the clock to deliver complete and accurate transcripts with a fast turnaround time. Our transcription team comprises native linguists and dedicated account managers who are detail-oriented, highly proficient, and well-resourced to handle transcription needs in any industry with 100% customer satisfaction.

We prepare intelligent and time-coded verbatim transcripts from your media that are error-free, accurate, and timely. We transcribe dictation, hearings, board meetings, surgery notes, opinion polls, police interviews, etc. We can transcribe from just about any file format: MP3, MP4, CAF, DS, DVF, WMA, CD, AMR, WAV, DVD, AVI, and many more into braille, handwritten, or typed text.

Expert Certified Transcription Services in Pittsburgh

Certified transcriptions are mainly demanded for official purposes like medical, legal, academic, etc. This means the transcript can't have any errors and can have expensive mistakes like having the document nullified. Quick Transcription Service works with highly qualified professionals accredited to provide certified transcription services in their fields of specialization.

We provide confidential, court approved certified audio transcriptions that are complete and highly accurate, meeting all the acceptable standards for the industry and country. Each transcript is stamped, signed, and dated as a confirmation of a true and correct copy of the original. Should there be a requirement that the transcription is notarized or accompanied by a transcription certificate of authenticity, we can provide that.

Our services are available online and in our offices in all major cities in the US and the world, such as Arizona, Tennessee, Carolina, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Carolina, New Jersey, Washington, New York, etc.

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As a leading transcription company, we provide excellent transcription services for different industires by experienced transcriptionists.
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Why Do You Need Audio and Video Transcription Services?

Legal obligation: In the US and many other countries worldwide, it is a legal requirement that content made for public consumption is transcribed. Brands in such countries need to transcribe to remain compliant.

Wider reach: Transcribed media helps make your content accessible to the hard-of-hearing audience, whose numbers run into millions globally.

Easy accessibility: Audio and video files may, at times, require special tools to access. With transcripts, none of that is necessary. You can access them with ease at any time and from anywhere.

Boost SEO: It is easier for bots to crawl and index text files on search engines, which is impossible with audio and video media. Transcription makes your content SEO-friendly as it will be scannable and searchable, helping it rank better on search engines.

Record vital information: Transcription helps you capture and preserve all the essential information and links in speech, making it easier for you to refer to the record in the future.

We are the Experts in All Language Solutions. Try Us Today!

You can rely on Quick Transcription Service to offer you the very best in translation and other language solutions such as:

list arrow Translation services
list arrow Subtitling services
list arrow Typing services
list arrow Voiceover services
list arrow Closed captioning services
list arrow Audio description services
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Do You Have Recorded Audio or Video Files That Need Quick Transcription?
Whether it is a small or large project, rely on our industy expert transcribers & get flawless transcripts in any language.
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What are the ongoing transcription services rates in Pittsburgh?
The cost of transcription services varies from project to project depending on factors like complexity, project size, timelines, etc. However, Quick Transcription Service is the best online transcription services company providing top quality, accurate, and affordable transcription services in Pittsburgh.
How do you ensure the quality standard of video transcription services in Pittsburgh?
Quick Transcription Service fully understands the importance of upholding quality, accuracy, and formatting in transcription. This is why we are keen to only hire the very best talent in the industry and employ the best technology in the market to ensure all audio files are transcribed with great care, professionalism, and attention to detail.
Where can I find expert transcription services companies in Pittsburgh?
Expert transcription services are just a click away. Quick Transcription Service offers excellent transcription services online where you only need to upload your files on the website, make payment through secure payment options, and we will send you high-quality transcripts as per agreed timelines.