100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Professional Audio Transcription Services in Rhode Island

All of the professional transcription work we do is guaranteed at a 99% accuracy rate. We've earned a solid reputation for our ability to deliver high-quality work quickly and for an affordable cost of transcription services. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, so we work hard to meet their needs in any language.

There are time and money savings for businesses that outsource audio/video/braille as per requirements. Expert typists can transcribe a wide range of documents, such as:

A transcriber sitting on a couch and working on a project and taking notes in a book in Rhode Island.

• Corporate Meeting

• Dictation

• Podcast

• Interview

• Academic materials of students

• Forums

• Research articles

• Phone call conversations

• Police Investigative recordings

• Conference Call

• Sermon

• Zoom Meeting

• Court Approved

Accuracy in a transcriptionist's work depends on their knowledge of grammar and punctuation. They must be capable of interpreting the author's meaning and making sense of oblique references.

Professional Transcription Services in Rhode Island

Trustworthy transcription services are hard to come by, but you can always rely on Quick Transcription Service. All of the specialized American transcribers we employ are native English speakers committed to meeting your transcription needs, unlike other transcription services companies in Rhode Island. For this reason, we guarantee 99% accuracy for high-quality audio and work hard to provide you with affordable transcription service rates.

Types of industries that we provide transcription services for:

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  • • Insurance
  • • Business
  • • Legal
  • • Academic
  • • Manufacturing
  • • e-learning
  • • e-commerce
  • • Retail
  • • Finance
  • • Medical
  • • Healthcare

We have language specialists on staff who can transcribe your files accurately and efficiently. We provide high-quality transcription services, including verbatim transcripts. We offer cheap transcription services for various languages, including Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and many more.

Incredible Audio and Video Transcription Services

It is well-known that the need for media files of all kinds is at an all-time high. Business conferences, podcasts, interviews, seminars, and lectures warrant transcription for various reasons. Transcription of audio and video can help search engine optimization.

Since search engines can read text word for word, it is much easier to index than other media. Increased exposure allows you to reach more people without increasing your advertising budget. Having your content transcribed is an excellent choice to increase its accessibility. You can't deny the benefits of professional audio and video transcription services in Rhode Island, no matter what you plan to use them for.

A male transcriber working on a audio/video project at the comfort of his home on a PC

To ensure accuracy, we employ a 4-stage process:

• Professional transcribers go through the submitted files one portion at a time.

• Before being proofread, each transcription segment is examined for accuracy and uniformity.

• Professional editors look over each section for mistakes. Time stamps and the ability to track who's speaking have recently been added.

• Our 99% success rate in reviewing and editing ensures that you will always receive high quality and accuracy from us.

Those who aren't native speakers of English will easily understand your video if the audio is transcribed. Closed captioning is a great way to reach more people and clarify your video's content.

Top-Notch Online Rhode Island Transcription Services

Since our text-based transcription can be read or watched after the video, the hearing-impaired community can significantly benefit from our online transcription services. Studies have shown that listening to information is far more beneficial than reading it, even if the latter will broaden one's horizons. It can be helpful in this case to create a text transcription of your audio or video file.

100% Human & Accurate Transcription Services in Rhode Island

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Quick Transcription Service has been providing expert assistance with audio transcription for over ten years with a team of human transcribers. At the same time, we acknowledge that crystal-clear recordings aid in getting the most accurate picture possible; we also recognize that this isn't always the case. We pride ourselves on having the highest accuracy rates among Rhode Island transcription agencies.

As a result, we only hire native English speakers because they have an innate ability to recognize nuances that others may miss. Quick Transcription Service provides affordable transcription services in Rhode Island and invests significant time and energy into screening potential employees to ensure we're hiring the best.

A male transcriber working on a laptop with a coffee mug and tablet on the table.

Less well-established transcription services frequently use speech recognition software, which can result in subpar transcripts. But rest assured that, at our transcription service, every single word of your transcription will be typed by a real human being.

Tight quality control measures are implemented into every project to ensure our clients' best possible result. An additional advantage of such regulations is that they help employers keep only the most qualified transcriptionists on board.

Expert Certified Transcription Services in Rhode Island

A certified transcription service is necessary when a transcript will be used in a legal proceeding or for other official purposes. We double-check our transcriptions for grammatical, factual, technical, and other errors. With over a decade of combined experience in various fields, our certified transcribers provide the highest quality work at the lowest prices in Rhode Island.

Human transcription services in Rhode Island allow us to effectively serve a wide range of clients, from government agencies and hospitals to software developers and medical clinics, as well as courts and legal offices. We offer professional transcription services whenever you need them.

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