100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Reliable San Bernardino Transcription Services At Low Costs

Are you struggling to transcribe your audio-video files at work? Is the transcription volume too much to handle for your employees? If these situations sound familiar, Transcription Service US is the way out.

We help customers in adding value to their daily audio and video files. We offer accurate and quick transcription of the interview, phone call, focus group discussion, braille, etc. Contact us now for excellent transcriptions.

You can rely on our human transcription services in San Bernardino for transcribing your legal, business, court, corporate, and academic needs. One of the most loved features of our services is the inexpensive pricing. Our transcription services rates are cheap and hence, fit all budgets.

A woman with earphones transcribing an audio

You can also fast-track your transcription project if you have a deadline to meet. We offer quick services as per the client's needs.

Professional Audio Transcription Services in San Bernardino

Words carry immense weight in business and otherwise. But, spoken words can only be remembered if transcribed. We provide professional transcription services in San Bernardino to preserve all vital information. From a podcast to dictation, meeting, witness statement, and police records, we can transcribe everything you need.

What's more, our industry-specific transcribers have expertise in several industry verticals.

Quality assurance team proofreading transcriptions

You can hire our legal transcribers to get court approved transcription of investigative records. Thus, you can conquer legal battles with confidence. Our affordable transcription services in San Bernardino are trusted by students and research institutes for accurate and timely transcription of lectures, telephone interviews, etc.

No matter which industry you belong to, we have the best transcribers providing transcriptions beyond your expectations. Call us now to get going!

Highly Professional Transcription Services in San Bernardino

As one of the leading transcription services companies in San Bernardino, we are committed to bringing the best transcription to the table. Our services are affordable and focused on high quality. We aim to offer the best transcriptions to suit clients' needs worldwide.

You can count on us whether it is an audio-visual transcription related to business, finance, entertainment, or anything in between.

 Customer support executive answering transcription query

At Quick Transcription Service, we give high weightage to the security of client information. Thus, we ensure that all your information is kept confidential. We protect your files with NDAs and SSL encryption at all times.

We have native speakers from different countries with expertise in their local languages. Thus, they can handle heavy accents and understand several dialects.

  • • Spanish
  • • Arabic
  • • French
  • • Italian
  • • Japanese
  • • Portuguese

Certified transcriptions hold a lot of importance in the legal and medical fields. We have the right resources to provide the same if you require certified transcription for any purpose. You can get accurate certified transcription services in San Bernardino in a short turnaround time.

We follow ISO standards for all online transcription services. Hence, our services are regulatory compliant and accepted by the USCIS and all major institutions worldwide.

Beneficial Audio and Video Transcription Services

Video transcriptions offer many benefits, from SEO to enhanced Google search results, more accessibility, and the convenience of watching the video in noise-free environments. We can help you reap video transcription's benefits with our excellent services.

We provide video transcription services in San Bernardino for media, finance, legal, and academic industries. Our clients love us for our quick turnaround time and accurate transcriptions.

 An old man enjoying a captioned video on laptop

With businesses expanding globally, companies from media, entertainment, communication, and other sectors need to reach a global audience in a foreign language. Connect with our expert transcribers today to transcribe videos and achieve an optimal position in the international market.

We also provide closed captioning services to enhance video accessibility for audiences worldwide. With our audio-video transcription services, you can get a breakthrough in the international market.

You can choose from over 100 languages so your content can reach the desired audience. Some of the language pairs we transcribe are English to Spanish, Vietnamese to English, German to French, Russian to Chinese, etc.

Our team members are skilled at providing verbatim and intelligent transcripts based on your project requirement. Our cost of transcription services is reasonable than many others. Thus, our services do not strain your budget.

So connect with us right away to get a free consultation for your project! Reach out to our customer service executives now.

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