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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Burmese Transcription services

Quick Transcription Service has Burmese transcribers who are native Burmese speakers and will provide you the cheapest and best Burmese Transcription. To receive a free quote, phone 1-800-230-7918. Several Branches of Our Burmese Transcription.We deal with several other branches of Professional Burmese Transcription and bring to your door steps all types of transcription services under one roof as under;

Burmese voice to text transcription:

  • ✓ Burmese audio transcription
  • ✓ Burmese digital transcription
  • ✓ Burmese video transcription
  • ✓ Burmese business transcription
  • ✓ Burmese legal and court transcription
  • ✓ Burmese movie transcription
  • ✓ Burmese media transcription
  • ✓ Burmese University and research transcription
  • ✓ Burmese phone transcription
  • ✓ Burmese sermon transcription
  • ✓ Burmese interview transcription

Our Transcription Services Covers Every Language in the Universe

  • ✓ German
  • ✓ Spanish
  • ✓ English
  • ✓ Arabic
  • ✓ Hindi
  • ✓ Portuguese
  • ✓ Japanese
  • ✓ Bengali
  • Thai
  • ✓ Russian

We at QTS offer Services for the following Countries in Myanmar.

QTS helps transcribing the following languages to Burmese and vice versa through our Services:

Burmese, Karen, Shan, Arakanese, Chinese.

We accept Transcription Files in All Formats

We don’t believe in complicating things for your transcription works hence, we accept your audio and video files for transcription in each and every formats like - Mp3, Mp4, Cassette, Tape, dAVI, ds, wav, wma, minidisc, cd, dvd, vhs, flv, ogg, mov, swf.

Our Services Reach Every Corner of the World

Our Burmese Transcription Services reaches to every country as we are the most popular Burmese Transcription Services Providers in the world. We are the most preferred Burmese Transcribers in many countries like ; United States, France, Spain, China, Turkey, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico, Malaysia, Austria etc.

Types of Other Services

We have a wide range of allied services other than Burmese Transcription and Translation Services such as - Burmese Translation, Burmese Captioning, Burmese Transcript translation, Burmese and even Burmese Typing Services. What are you waiting for – reach us at our toll free number 1-800-230-7918 or simply email us to get a quote immediately at Enhance your business and academic pursuits with our premium human-generated transcription services, offering unparalleled accuracy in Business Transcription, Dissertation Transcription, and tagalog transcription, tailored to meet your specific needs.

We Provide Transcription Services in the following languages :

  • Sundanese Transcription
  • Tat Transcription
  • Spanish Transcription
  • English Transcription
  • Court Proceedings Transcription
  • Online Transcription

Enhancing Accessibility: The Vital Role of Burmese Transcription Services in the USA

The presence of the Burmese language in the United States underscores a significant cultural and linguistic diversity, marked by pivotal moments and the growth of its speaker community. Notable years include 2007, following the Saffron Revolution, leading to an increase in Burmese refugees seeking asylum, and 2015, which saw a renewed interest in U.S.-Myanmar relations. As per the 2020 Census, over 100,000 Burmese speakers have made the U.S. their home, representing around 0.03% of the total population. The demographic breakdown reveals a balanced gender distribution, with a notable proportion of the community being young adults and working-age individuals. This linguistic diversity has opened avenues for multiple sectors, including healthcare, education, social services, and legal industries, to benefit from Burmese transcription services, facilitating communication and service provision.

Burmese transcription services in the United States play a critical role in bridging communication gaps for the Burmese-speaking population. Essential for both professional and personal reasons, these services cater to businesses seeking to connect with the Burmese-speaking market, healthcare providers aiming to offer accessible medical information, legal professionals requiring accurate transcription of proceedings, and individuals in need of personal document translation for immigration or educational purposes. The necessity of Burmese transcription services lies in their ability to foster inclusivity, ensure the accurate conveyance of information, and support the integration of the Burmese-speaking community into the broader societal fabric. By providing these essential services, the U.S. can better accommodate the diverse needs of its Burmese-speaking residents, promoting a more inclusive and understanding multicultural environment.

Unlocking Communication: Transcription for Burmese

Transcription services are revolutionizing how we interact with the Burmese language, Myanmar's official tongue spoken by over 32 million people as a first language and 10 million as a second language. Given the linguistic diversity in Myanmar, with over 100 languages including Shan (3.2 million speakers), Karen (2.6 million speakers), and Kachin (900,000 speakers), transcription into Burmese is crucial for ensuring accurate communication across various dialects and regions. Burmese, a tonal and syllable-timed language with a unique script of 33 letters and 12 vowels, features both formal and colloquial forms. The formal Burmese is used in literature and official contexts, while the colloquial form is prevalent in everyday speech and increasingly in media. Accurate transcription enhances accessibility and understanding, particularly in educational, governmental, and commercial sectors, helping businesses and organizations effectively reach Myanmar's diverse population and respect cultural nuances and linguistic intricacies, ultimately fostering better engagement and communication.

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