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Captioning services faq

online Captioning services FAQ

  • How can I find Portuguese to English caption writer?
  • QTS is one of the leading captioning service providers online. We have all native speakers who are skilled in captioning and translating. Our translators and captionists can provide excellent Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese captioning services for all types of projects.

Captioning services faq

  • How can I get remote CART and voice captioning services?
  • For no doubts, QTS provides CART and Voice captioning services to our clients from around the world and from all sectors online. Our professional and well trained captionists can provide you outstanding CART and captioning services as you want it.

  • Which company offers closed captioning service on HD Camera with SCC Caption files?
  • There are many companies around the world providing captioning services for HD camera with SCC caption files. However, if you are looking for a reputable and reliable service provider, then QTS deserve being your choice of company to provide your required captioning services.

  • How can I get closed caption price quote?
  • It is very simple. Click the option quick call back or online chat for price quote, our support team will respond you in few minutes with your quote for captioning services. This will help you in easily determining the price and budget you can plan for captioning.

  • Who is the best Spanish to English closed captioning provider?
  • Undoubtedly, QTS takes the pride of being the best Spanish to English and English to Spanish closed captioning service provider. We have native speakers who can provide excellent captioning services with original language influenced in the captioned content making it interesting.

  • Where can I get appealing captions for photos and pictures?
  • Providing captions for photos and pictures must be done with more care. It should attract the viewers and make them to see the photos for a while. QTS can for sure provide you appealing captions for photos and pictures as you want it.

  • How do I get a broadcast caption companies?
  • Online serves to be the best place to find broadcast caption companies around the world. There are many companies providing broadcast caption services, however, QTS takes the pride for providing the best broadcast captioning services for any types of program.

  • How do I translate Spanish to English with captions?
  • We, QTS take the effort to reduce your work to translate Spanish to English captions. We have native speakers who are highly fluent in Spanish and English language. Moreover, they are also skilled captionists; therefore we can provide you best translate services for captions.

  • Where can I find live captioning transcribers?
  • QTS provides live captioning transcribers who are talented and skilled at transcribing the captions instantly with no errors in it. We can assure you quality and accuracy in live captioning transcription. Besides, we provide the services at best low affordable cost in the industry.

  • How can I find a person for remote voice captioning?
  • If you are looking for remote voice captioning, then QTS can provide you the best services. We can meet your requirements for remove voice captioning with our talented team of captionists. We can handle any types of projects and of any length for remote voice captioning.

  • Where can I find Skype closed captioning services?
  • QTS provides Skype closed captioning services for any types of Skype conversation. We also provide live captioning services and pre-recorded captioning services. Our captionists are skilled at providing closed captions for Skype. We can also provide the services in any languages as you want it.

  • Where can I get transcription and closed captioning services?
  • QTS serves to be the single stop solution for all your transcription and closed captioning services. We have experienced transcriptionists and captionists who are also native speakers can provide linguistically high quality services for transcription and captioning in all languages.

  • How can I get online video transcription captioning?
  • QTS provides online video transcription captioning services. We provide the services for any types of transcription that is live online. Our transcriptionists are very talented in handling any types of online transcription captioning. We ensure quality and accuracy throughout the project.

  • How to get rates for cart captioning services?
  • Simply visit our website online. You can click our support desk to live chat with our customer support team or call us to our toll free number or send us an email requesting for rates for CART captioning services. We will instantly provide you the rates for your project.

  • Where can I find professional and experienced captionists?
  • There are many companies’ online promises for professional captioning services. However, QTS assures offering you the best professional captioning services with our certified, trained and experienced captionists who are also native speakers and knowledgeable in their respective fields.

  • What are the rates for video captioning services?
  • To know the rates for video captioning services, visit our website online or call us to our toll free number. You can also send us an email requesting for the video captioning services. We will provide you the rates detail instantly to help you know the prices.

  • What are the hourly rates for remote cart captionists?
  • The rates for the captioning services differ with the type of projects and how complicated or simple it is. However, our rates are very nominal. To know our hourly rates for the remote CART captioning services, please mail us or contact our support team online, who will respond you instantly with the quote.

  • Which agency that provides best closed caption transcriptionist?
  • For no doubts, QTS provides the best closed caption transcription services. We strive to provide the services at low cost that is affordable to all. We make sure that the services are provided with highest quality and accuracy. We provide closed captioning in all languages.

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