100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *

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Closed Captioning Services Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What to expect

  • Nominal Pricing
  • 30% OFF on Bulk Orders
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Subtitles in Multiple Languages
  • FCC & ADA compliance
  • Customized Output Formats
Captions that count
  • Discount for NGOs, Academic institutions and Healthcare
  • Delivered from 24 hours onwards
  • Accuracy 99% or more
Captions for all platforms
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Highly Accurate & Cheap Closed Captioning Services in Philadelphia

Are you looking to maximize your video’s accessibility and increase engagement through impressive closed captions? If that is the case, you should be talking to us. We are industry leaders in closed captions.

Quick Transcription Service is your ultimate destination for reliable, affordable, and timely closed captioning services in Philadelphia. Avail of our services with prices beginning at $7 per minute. Ring 1-800-230-7918 for a no-obligation quote. We help you integrate time-synchronized dialogue, sounds, and other non-speech audio in your video to text in over 100 languages with high accuracy.

Engage us today; we will be happy to serve you!

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Professional Closed Captioning Services in Philadelphia

What are Closed Captions?

Closed captions are the synchronized text version of the dialogue and any other relevant audio part in a video. They are displayed in the same language spoken in the video at the bottom of the screen. They come with the flexibility of turning them on or off as required.

Closed captions offer a visual aid to people with hearing impairments when watching movies, television programs, computer presentations, and other forms of visual display. They are also helpful in other situations where audio can't be heard, such as noisy public transport areas and in quiet, no-noise places like hospitals. Viewers usually mute the video and watch it with subtitles in such cases.

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In Philadelphia and other states in the US, it is a federal requirement for video programming distributors, satellite television services, cable companies, event centers, online video makers, film producers, and broadcasters to provide closed captions for 100% of all English language video programs.

Closed captions are expected to be accurate, complete, time-synchronized, and of reasonable font positioned on the screen so they don't block any important content. They can be turned on or off by the viewers as per their preferences. Experience top-tier closed captioning in New York tailored for your needs , Kansas City. Connect with our local experts to enhance accessibility and engagement at your events.

Contact us to get started with closed captions for your project!

Affordable Closed Captioning Services in Philadelphia

Quick Transcription Service is an ISO 9001:2015 Standards company and an established market leader in the closed captions industry. Thanks to our vast pool of highly trained and certified native captionists from all around the world, we deliver accurate, secure, and timely high-quality closed captions every time in a cost-effective way.

We offer closed captioning services that give our customers

value for money. Our presence goes beyond Philadelphia to other major cities in the US and worldwide, such as New York, Texas, Los Angeles, Florida, Georgia, and more.

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Our clients include individuals, corporates, government entities, education institutions, etc.

Our closed captioning services are in high demand for TV shows, website content, webinars, video games, documentaries, dramas, lectures, trainings, interviews, meetings, documentation, seminars, advertisement videos, product tutorials, online classes, news, films, corporate training videos, and so on.

Our customer support is available 24/7 to answer any queries you might have about our services and your customized project needs. We provide files in all standard formats, including SDH, SBV, SUB, SRT, STL, webVTT, SCC, SAMI, SMI, QuickText, RealText, etc.

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Types of Video Closed Captioning Services in Philadelphia

✓ Web captioning services

✓ Broadcast captioning services

✓ TV & film captioning services

✓ Marketing & advertising captioning services

✓ Media & entertainment captioning services

✓ eLearning & academic closed captioning services

✓ Documentary closed captioning services in Philadelphia

✓ Webcast captioning services

✓ YouTube & Vimeo closed captioning services

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At Quick Transcription Service, we offer online and offline closed captioning services for various industries. We handle closed captioning services for video content in all languages, such as Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, German, Cantonese, French, Russian, Italian, and Tagalog.

Why Hire Online Closed Captioning Services in Philadelphia?

• Closed captioning helps millions of deaf and hard of hearing people in Philadelphia and the world over access and enjoy video content.

• Closed captions are helpful to elementary school children learning reading skills and to people learning a foreign language.

• Thanks to closed captions, viewers in airports, bars, restaurants, and other noisy public places can still enjoy their favorite programs without missing a thing.

• Closed captions in videos are a mandatory federal requirement in the US. For FCC & ADA compliance on meeting disability needs, you must have closed captions on your video content or risk facing lawsuits.


• Captions help increase your video's searchability on search engines, helping it rank better. At the same time, they also help increase engagement and view time on your video content.

✓ Why Us?

We offer competitive nominal pricing with attractive discounts on bulk orders and those from healthcare, academic, and NGO institutions. Our closed captioning services cost is determined on a video per minute or hourly basis.

Each captioning project is assigned a dedicated account manager and taken through a rigorous quality assurance system to ensure our captions are FCC & ADA compliant. Completed projects are delivered within 24 hours unless the order is placed under rush or super rush service.

Our captionists are native language speakers from around the world, highly trained and experienced, ensuring we consistently deliver high-quality captions with 98% accuracy and on-screen synchronicity.

✓ Other Services Offered

Besides captioning, Quick Transcription Service is your one-stop shop for other language services such as subtitling, translation, voice-over, and transcription.

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