100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *

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Closed Captioning Services Seattle, Washington

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Perfectly Synchronized Closed Captioning Services in Seattle

Do you have a series of videos that you have created with care and quality, but are not getting the viewership they deserve?

In that case, perhaps you are missing out on great opportunities because you have not yet acquired captioning services for your media.

Hire us to get the best closed captioning services in Seattle at throwaway prices for any of your videos! Call us on 1-800-230-7918 and get started right away.

Professional Closed Captioning Services for Video Content

More than 80% of internet users access video content on a daily basis, with an average consumption of 100 minutes of viewing every day. With platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc., gaining in popularity, online videos are becoming the mainstream content as compared to textual content. Movies and TV series are now released on these platforms, gaining more viewers from the remotest corners of the globe.

This has also increased the need for creating accessible content. A viewer from a remote town on the other side of the world will speak a completely different language and could have a starkly varied cultural background.

This means, as a content creator or a businessperson, you need to invest in making your content more accessible. One important way to do this is by adding captions to your videos. Explore the premier captioning services in the USA, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of your digital content. Elevate your audience's experience with our expertly crafted captioning services, ensuring clarity and accessibility across all platforms.

A person browsing a video streaming platform on their laptop

What Are Closed Captions?

Video captions are textual versions of the spoken audio in the file displayed simultaneously on screen. Captions can be of two types:

✓ Open Captions: These captions are always visible on the screen and cannot be turned off.

✓ Closed Captions: These captions can be turned on or turned off as per the viewer's preference.

Quick Transcription Service provides captions for all types of video content at excellent prices. Contact us now to get started. Explore our captioning services now available in Salt Lake City, Portland, Phoenix, Las-Vegas, and Albuquerque—bringing you quality solutions tailored to each city's unique demands. Connect with us today to see how we can assist you in these vibrant locations.

Most Affordable Closed Captioning Services in Seattle

Creating closed captions is not a task that an amateur can handle. One needs to have experience, skill, and knowledge of the field to create captions that are of excellent quality.

If you want your closed captions to be of the highest quality, but are working with a limited budget, then we are your best choice!

Get in touch to hire our services.

Our language specialists are highly trained to provide video closed captioning services in Seattle. We cover a variety of content such as webinars, lectures, trainings, interviews, etc.

A video camera recording an interview

We are also adept at creating closed captions for government and corporate videos such as corporate training videos, public service announcements, etc. Other types of content we work with include:

• Vimeo closed captioning services

• Event centers recordings closed captioning services

• Films and TV shows closed captioning services

• Video games closed captioning services

• Documentary closed captioning services in Seattle

• Academic closed captioning services

We support clients from the education field, marketing, broadcasters, producers, online video makers, etc. Get in touch with us to help grow the number of customers watching your videos.

Contact us now to get started!

Online Closed Captioning Services in Seattle, Washington

There are a number of advantages of working with our team to get professional closed captioning services in Seattle at unmatched prices. Adding closed captions is a very important step towards a successful business, and we can help you with it.

Here's why you should choose closed captions.

✓ FCC and ADA compliant captions - Our captions adhere to all accessibility guidelines including those of major streaming sites and judiciaries.

✓ Increase your audience base - We can help you reach audiences with hearing impairments or those who are deaf by providing a high-quality alternative to the audio track.

✓ Exceptionally accurate transcript - With us, you get a transcript of your video with 99% accuracy. You can spend your time on creating new content rather than on captioning existing content.

✓ Value for money - Our closed captioning services rates are the most reasonable among our competitors for the quality and professionalism we offer.

✓ SEO improvement - The visibility of your videos and website content will increase multifold if you add closed captions to them because the text in the captions will be used by search engines for indexing and ranking.

At Quick Transcription Service, we offer offline closed captioning services for all business verticals.

Contact our 24/7 customer care to know more about our pricing and get a FREE quotation for your project!

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