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What are Closed Captions?

Why Closed Captioning is necessary?

The text which appear on videos are called Closed Captions (CC), Closed Captions contain audio cues (music or sound effects) and dialogue. By doing Closed captioning you can make your video accessible to who are deaf or hearing problem.

Captions can be closed (always visible) or open. Closed captioning is more common because it lets each viewer choose whether they want the captions(subtitle) to be turned off or on.

Closed captions are passed on as a special coded signal sent along with the video, and need a decoder in television or cable box to see them.

The FFC requires all the Spanish and English programs seen on TV in the USA to be Closed Captioned. It is also similar for other countries. ADA Section 508 regulations contain stringent captioning requirements for the organizations that get funding from the Federal government which includes most academic institutions.

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Make use of captioning services for important Corona virus status

Planning to disseminate information and figures about the novel corona virus to your audiences in the most frank and accessible method? Obviously we all realize that the epidemic needs constant and structured updates for industries such as Media, News, Broadcast, Public Interest Organisations and Healthcare to keep up. We at quick transcription service make sure to be always accessible for you 24/7, by providing COVID-19 captioning and subtitling services in multiple languages and personalize services as per your needs. Don’t worry because we have it covered!

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