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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


German Translation Services

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German Translation

Everyone in today’s world love to do business globally. The first thing that we have to consider is “Do you have the resources to be able to handle clients who belong to a different native?”

Quick Transcription Service offers high quality German translation at affordable prices starting $0.10/word for document translation services, $25/page for translating vital documents, and audio files are translated at $7.00/minute.

German Translation Services

The answer will be “NO”. It is not feasible to have an in-house translator too. Thus that is why businesses look for German Translation Services. There are number of German Translation Companies that offer Professional German Translation Services.

German has is a language that is widely spoken. Over 100 million people worldwide speak German. Quick Transcription Service offers German Translation and German Transcription.

Quick Transcription Service helps converting the following languages to German and vice versa through our German Translation Services.

  • English to German
  • Spanish and Arabic
  • Dutch and Italian
  • Korean and Turkish
  • Javanese and many more

For more language information, visit our Language Translation Services Page.

German Translation offered by QTS includes:

For more Quick Transcription Service translation services details, visit our Translation Services Page.

Features in choosing QTS Service for German Translation Services:

  • Higher levels of accuracy
  • 24/7 Service offered
  • 100% Quality guaranteed
  • 100% accuracy
  • Best Turnaround time
  • Professional Multi-lingual experts
  • Native German Speaker who is expertise in reading and writing in German
  • Affordable
  • German Transcription and Translation.

Quick Transcription Service is a leading service provider in German Translation. Quick Transcription Service helps clients simplify workload by simply having clients UPLOAD FILES that needs to be translated to German and the same will be done quickly on through our Online German Translation Services.

Thus Quick Transcription Service solution for all our Transcription and Translation needs.

German language Combination translation Services

  • German to English translation services
  • English to German translation services
  • German to Arabic translation services
  • Arabic to German translation services
  • German to French translation services
  • French to German translation services
  • German to Dutch translation services
  • Dutch to German translation services
  • German to Spanish translation services
  • Spanish to German translation services
  • German to Thai translation services
  • Thai to German translation services
  • German to Greek translation services
  • Greek to German translation services
  • German to Italian translation services
  • Italian to German translation services
  • German to Russian translation services
  • Russian to German translation services
  • German to Romanian translation services
  • Romanian to German translation services
  • German to Tagalog translation services

For more language information, visit our Language Translation Services Page.

Bridging Cultures: The Vital Role of German Translation Services in the U.S.

The German language boasts a rich history in the United States, intertwining with key moments and demographic shifts across centuries. As of the latest report, over a million Americans speak German at home, representing a diverse group that includes both descendants of early German immigrants and recent migrants. This figure accounts for a significant yet niche percentage of the U.S. population, with demographics revealing a balanced mix across gender and a wide age range, highlighting the language's cross-generational appeal. Notably, historical milestones such as the arrival of the first large German immigrant group in the 1680s, the establishment of German-speaking communities, and the influence of German culture on American society mark important years in U.S.-German relations. Today, various sectors including academic, technological, automotive, and pharmaceutical industries underscore the importance of German translation, catering to a wide audience from professionals seeking business opportunities to researchers and students engaging with German texts.

The indispensability of German translation services in the United States cannot be overstated. In a country where multicultural interactions are routine, these services serve as a bridge for communication, fostering both professional collaborations and personal connections. German translation is essential not only for the sizable German-speaking community but also for businesses and individuals engaging with Germany—the world’s fourth-largest economy. Whether it's for legal documents, technical manuals, marketing materials, or literary works, high-quality German translation enables access to information, facilitates international partnerships, and enriches cultural exchange. In essence, German translation services are not just about language; they're about opening doors to opportunities, understanding, and mutual respect across cultures.

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