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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


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Swedish Translation Services

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Swedish Translation

Quick Transcription Service on of the most popular Swedish Translation Companies in the world offering best Swedish Translation services at the cheapest rates and most accurate Swedish to English translation services by highly skilled native Swedish and English speaking professionals.

We provide Swedish transcription services at the most cost effective rates and our professional Swedish translation services is 100% accurate as we never outsource our online Swedish translation to any outside agency. For document translation, our prices start at $0.12/word, for vital documents at $30/page, and we start at $8.00/minute for audio translation services.

Swedish translation Services:

Our Swedish translation and transcription is of the best quality since we hire only the best certified English to Swedish translation services professionals. With us you don’t have to worry about Swedish translation.

For some more on Quick Transcription Service translation service details visit Swedish Translation Services pages.

QTS helps transcribing the following languages to Swedish and vice versa through

Swedish Translation Services:

Finnish, Meankieli, Sami, Romani, Yiddish, English, German, Spanish, French.

We at QTS offers Swedish Translation Services for the following Countries in Sweden.

Still wondering about uploading your Swedish translation and transcription files? No problems! We believe that things should be kept simple. And hence we have a very easy and short uploading facility in our website. Just open our site and you will find an “upload” staring at you on your face. Click on it and the rest will go like a dream.

Swedish Combination translation Services:

  • Swedish to English translation services
  • English to Swedish translation services
  • Swedish to Spanish translation services
  • Spanish to Swedish translation services
  • Swedish to French translation services
  • French to Swedish translation services
  • Swedish to Arabic translation services
  • Arabic to Swedish translation services
  • Swedish to German translation services
  • German to Swedish translation services

For more language information go to Language Translation Services Page.

Bridging Cultures: The Importance of Swedish Translation Services in the United States

The Swedish language, with its rich history and cultural significance, has woven its way into the fabric of the United States over the years. Notably, Swedish immigration to the U.S. peaked in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, introducing the language and customs to a new continent. As of the latest report in 2020, there are approximately 100,000 Swedish speakers in the United States, accounting for about 0.03% of the population. This demographic is diverse, comprising both genders and a wide age range, with significant portions in the working-age group of 25-54 years and the elderly group of 55 years and above. Key historical milestones include the establishment of the first Swedish settlement in North America, New Sweden, in 1638, and the significant wave of Swedish immigration in the 1860s and 1870s, driven by economic and political factors. The relevance of Swedish translation extends beyond personal communication, impacting industries such as technology, healthcare, engineering, and education, which benefit from the cross-cultural exchange and international collaboration facilitated by language services.

Swedish translation services play a crucial role in the United States by enabling effective communication and cultural exchange between Swedish speakers and the English-speaking majority. These services are indispensable for businesses that operate internationally, allowing them to tap into the Swedish market and collaborate with Swedish partners and clients. Moreover, they are vital for personal matters, such as immigration documentation, educational pursuits, and maintaining cultural heritage among the Swedish-American community. Swedish translation bridges the gap between languages, ensuring that legal, medical, technical, and business documents are accurately interpreted, thus fostering mutual understanding and cooperation. This linguistic support not only aids in personal and professional development but also enriches the multicultural tapestry of the United States, making it essential for a harmonious and integrated society.

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