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We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Reliable Transcription Services for Office & Personal Use

Do you find yourself struggling to remember the critical facts you heard in one of the audio clips of your psychology professor? Or do you frequently deal with the pressure of analysing business-related video clips for your boss?

If yes, Quick Transcription Service is here to ease your burden. We are one of the best transcription services in Milwaukee, specialising in transcribing simple and complex audio/video clips, and files. With our professional team of native transcribers, we promise to offer you the safest, fastest, and most accurate transcription services.

Expert transcribers working on client files

Our portfolio includes many services that can help you convert any audio, and video clip into text. You can quickly get your files transcribed in more than 100 languages and with almost 99% accuracy. We keep the cost of transcription services low because we prefer to keep customer satisfaction our ultimate goal.

Trust Us for Easy & Swift Document Transcription Services

We understand the importance of translation and transcription in your professional and non-professional life. You can be a student needing transcription for study material or a lawyer requiring transcription for audio files. Quick Transcription Service has got you covered. Our 100% human transcription service ensures accuracy, reliability, and speedy delivery of client work.

Our online transcription services are easily accessible at affordable rates for every person, irrespective of their profession. Some of the files we transcribe are:

  • • Interview recordings
  • • Wiretaps, Depositions & Trials
  • • Audio and Video clips of corporate meeting
  • • Research documents for students
  • • Podcast
  • • Dictation
  • • Phone call recordings with excellent and cheap audio quality
  • • Braille documents for visually-impaired people
Professional transcribers working together on client files

100% Human Professional Transcription Services in Milwaukee

With our 100% human transcription services, we tend to offer superior quality work to clients. Each transcriber working for us is selected through stringent recruitment tests. We only choose qualified transcribers who are experienced in their profession and have specialized knowledge of transcription.

In every project, human transcribers guarantee the most significant level of data accuracy. Our native-speaking transcribers strive to surpass themselves on each and every job that is given to them. Before turning the project into text, each transcriptionist carefully studies the file, understands the jargon, and then starts working on it.

A lady with headphones working at the computer

Human transcribers offer the best audio and video transcription services in Milwaukee at competitive transcription services rates. Our human transcription services in Milwaukee cater to the following industries:

  • • Corporate
  • • Legal
  • • Academic
  • • Travel
  • • Medical
  • • Research & Development

Professional Audio Transcription Services in Milwaukee

Transcribing audio and video content into text becomes necessary when your profession demands frequent textual involvement. Our platform takes pride in offering the most reliable and speedy transcription services in Milwaukee to customers.

With our certified transcription services, you do not have to worry about errors or language nuances typical in the transcription world. Currently, there are several transcription services companies in Milwaukee. Most of these portals rely on AI software to do the work.

 Expert transcriber using headphones to listen to audios

However, Quick Transcription Service does not depend on such technologies for audio transcription services because sometimes the software fails to give satisfactory results. Human transcribers are fully capable of offering the most accurate results in a time-bound setup. They listen to the audio clip and provide an error-free transcription and closed captioning facility in each project.

Certified Legal Audio and Video Transcription Services

Certified transcriptions are very vital for smooth legal work procedures. Much paperwork and documentation are needed during case trials, investigations, and other court activities. You can also use our certified services for reliable and accurate legal audio and video transcription.

You can be a lawyer or an attorney requiring transcription of complicated audio or video files or a law student ordered by your senior to study a particular audio clip for a case. We can help you manage all this legal work with our specialized transcription services.

A lady with headphones working at the computerTranscribers concentrating on client video clips

For the law field, our services include transcription of:

  • • Investigative documents
  • • Court approved files
  • • Trials and Hearings
  • • Police records
  • • Wiretaps
  • • Depositions

Milwaukee Transcription Services For Multiple Languages

We believe in catering to all your transcription requirements. To achieve this, we offer multilingual transcription services to our clients. Our native human transcribers are experts in their target language. They understand the local accent and grammar nuances effectively. This is why they manage to offer 99% accurate transcription results in simple and complicated files.

Our certified transcription services in Milwaukee are offered in:

  • • Chinese
  • • Japanese
  • • Spanish
  • • Italian
  • • Arabic
  • • Vietnamese
  • • Russian
  • • Portuguese
  • • German
Female transcriber working on multilingual files
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