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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Transcription in Minnesota Just Got Pocket-Friendly With Us

Transcription services are helpful when you need easy, swift, and accurate text versions of files, documents, or audio/video clips. Some people rely on transcription for their personal work, while others use it for dealing with clients. If you fall in either of the categories, then Quick Transcription Service in Minnesota is your best resort.

We are experts in handling all sorts of content, simple to complex. Our Minnesota transcription service portfolio also offers subtitling, typing, closed captioning, translation, and audio/video description services. Professionals acknowledge the audio and video transcription services in Minnesota provided by our platform for authenticity and accuracy.

Proficient transcribers working on client files

Our company provides superior-quality transcription for various documents across multiple industrial sectors. While many agencies use technology tools for transcription, we take pride in offering human transcription services.

Each project involves thorough analysis conducted by our human transcribers.

Trusted & Professional Transcription Services in Minnesota

When it comes to variety, our company shines with one of the most diverse transcription service portfolios. Low transcription rates make us well-known among people hailing from many industrial realms. We strive to offer exceptional services to customers to build professional relations with them. Some of the files that we transcribe are:

  • • Legal files
  • • Corporate documents
  • • Court transcripts and depositions
  • • Court approved documents like hearings, arbitration, and evidence
  • • Phone call, Dictation, Business Meeting, Interview
  • • Documents for police officials that are vital for investigative procedures
  • • Reports, Research files, Consultations, etc., for medical professionals
  • • Podcast
  • • Academic lectures & Seminars
Team of transcribers working closely and sharing ideas

Cheap & Accurate Audio and Video Transcription Services

With a surge in technology, people are looking forward to resources that offer exquisite audio and video experience. When you watch a movie in a non-native language, you prefer subtitles display for better understanding. Likewise, professionals rely on text versions of an audio/video recording for better analysis and understanding.

Online transcription services are helpful for every person, irrespective of their work field, use, or purpose. Quick Transcription Service shines as one of the best transcription services companies in Minnesota. We offer a dedicated portfolio of affordable transcription services in Minnesota for various audio and video files.

 Male transcribers working on audio/video client files

While ensuring timely delivery, we promise 99% accuracy in all our projects. This becomes possible because our professional native transcribers study and analyze each project requirement before progressing with the transcription. Their exemplary auditory and visual skills allow them to transcribe all the essential and non-essential elements of the file. Our certified transcription services in Minnesota are a perfect companion for all your needs.

Professional Audio Transcription Services in Minnesota

Audio transcription forms an essential element of our work portfolio. Our human transcribers are professional experts with lots of experience working on simple to complex audio files. Audio transcription helps expand your outreach to a broader audience without extra marketing expense. Also, an accurate audio transcription can help you improve the SEO rating of your content.

Our agency converts a diverse range of audio files into high-quality text. Students, small-scale entities, or large corporations can require audio transcriptions for many reasons. Though the cost of transcription services is essential, customers should also consider other elements, such as work accuracy, delivery speed, reliability, etc., when selecting a transcription provider.

 Expert female transcriber using headphones for better audio

We satisfy our clients on all these parameters by offering confidential and certified transcription services leveraged by our human linguistic experts at the lowest prices in Minnesota.

Multilingual Minnesota Transcription Services For Businesses

Linguistic prowess plays an essential role in transcription. To deliver accurate results, a transcriber must understand the grammar nuances and industry jargon. This is why our transcribers have to clear exhaustive screening tests before joining the team. This helps to test their expertise on many parameters and aids in finding the best from the lot.

We assign projects to a transcriber based on their expertise in the field. For instance, a transcriber with knowledge of legal jargon handles a law-related file. This helps to ensure the accuracy and timely delivery of projects. Apart from English, we cover more than 100 languages. We offer human transcription services in multiple global languages like:

  • • Spanish
  • • Italian
  • • French
  • • Portuguese
  • • Arabic
  • • German
  • • Vietnamese
  • • Chinese
  • • Japanese
  • • Russian
 Female transcriber reading client requirements

Authentic Minnesota Transcription Services For All

Our company believes in offering best-in-class transcriptions to our customers. We offer multilingual transcription with a 99% accuracy. Apart from business and law, the other industries we cover are:

  • • Media
  • • Advertising
  • • Medical
  • • Manufacturing
  • • Marketing
  • • Travel
  • • Academic
 Professional transcriber interacting with client online

We transcribe audio lectures, interviews, dissertation papers, webinar videos, etc., for students. Our transcribers also offer braille transcription for visually-impaired people. We believe in keeping client satisfaction as our ultimate priority. To sustain our supremacy, we offer industry-oriented training to our transcribers.

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