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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


New Hampshire Transcription Services for Documents & Files

Expert transcription services allow you to concentrate on your work without bothering about note-taking or memorizing the facts. They come in handy and offer unprecedented benefits to customers. Quick Transcription Service believes in offering the most reliable transcription services to students, professionals, and business owners.

We offer services such as subtitling, typing, translating, etc., to cater to different industrial needs. Our native transcribers ensure 99% accuracy when transcribing documents. We are experts in transcribing various documents related to different industries. Some of the primary documents covered by our online transcription services are:

  • • Audio files of business meetings
  • • Interview files
  • • Interview files
  • • Court approved recordings
  • • Confidential phone call
  • • Corporate documents
  • • Dictation clips for students
  • • Investigative files for police
A team of transcribers working on different files for clients

Most Authentic Transcription Services for All Industries

Globalization and technological evolution have helped industries in expanding their business activities worldwide. Today, youngsters are stepping out of their native countries to explore the opportunities the global economy is willing to offer. Our transcription agency promises to provide our customers with the most reliable services.

Each industry follows a unique work system and has distinguished requirements that need special attention from the transcription service provider. For instance, law-related projects require written transcripts of oral communications, while businesses in the media and marketing sectors use transcripts to add subtitles that enhance the engagement of video files.

Some of the industries we cover while working as the cheap and best human transcription services include:

  • • Media and Entertainment
  • • Marketing
  • • Legal
  • • Healthcare and Medicine
  • • Hospitality
  • • Travel and Tourism
  • • Academic
Transcriber showing final transcribed file to customer

Affordable Audio and Video Transcription Services for All

Transcription services help businesses and individuals to cater to a variety of purposes. The natives of New Hampshire trust our agency because we offer quality content at lower prices. Our professionally-trained transcriptionists specialize in easily converting simple and complicated audio and video files. We offer 99% accuracy in audio and video transcription services in New Hampshire.

 Professional transcriber using headphones to transcribe audios

Non-native students studying in the universities of New Hampshire can rely upon us to transcribe lectures, study materials, SOPs, etc. We keep the cost of transcription services relatively low compared to other service providers because we value quality over quantity. Also, universities can transcribe their research files, study materials, etc.

Apart from academics, we also serve professionals involved in legal work. We transcribe all vital legal documents to help you present your case in the courtroom powerfully and record another big win to your credit. Furthermore, to help visually impaired people, we provide braille transcription services at minimum costs.

Safe Professional Transcription Services in New Hampshire

Transcription services come in handy when you have a packed work schedule. You can be a student requiring transcribed study material and audio/video files or a professional using transcribed files for business purposes. Quick Transcription Service promises to serve you with the most authentic transcription services at the lowest transcription services rates in the industry.

Regarding superior quality, we are one of the most trusted transcription companies in New Hampshire.

 Human transcribers specializing in certified transcription

To ensure 99% accuracy in our work, we rely on the expertise of our native transcribers. Each transcriber has to pass through exhaustive screening to get hired by us. We choose the best from the lot to offer certified transcription services in New Hampshire.

Trusting someone with your important files and data is quite challenging. Our team considers customer security an essential element of the work culture. To ensure top-notch security, we use SSL encryption for our servers. Also, our transcribers sign NDAs before working on any new project. We offer unprecedented, certified, and affordable transcription services in New Hampshire.

Professional Audio Transcription Services in New Hampshire

Audio transcription is an invaluable asset that helps you keep a written record of verbal communication. It can be a lecture recording of your favorite professor, a clip of an important board meeting, or a birthday speech of your great-grandmother. Audio transcription helps you record all vital verbal information that can otherwise get lost.

Quick Transcription Service takes pride in being one of the most coveted transcription platforms in New Hampshire. Our audio transcription services allow you to access accurate text formats for all your audio files. Each project involves dedicated efforts from our native transcribers, who are experts in working across different industrial domains.

 Expert female transcriber analyzing audio clips for transcription

We add captions to your audio files and purpose to your content to make it acceptable for the global audience. You can hire us to convert your podcast into an informational blog with 99% accuracy.

Transcription Services in New Hampshire for Top Languages

New Hampshire is known for housing one of the most diverse linguistic population. We aspire to serve you with the best services in the city regarding closed captioning and open captioning transcription of audio/video files. Our human transcribers understand the grammar nuances well and work accordingly on each project.

They analyze the technical terms involved in the client work, stick to the native language structure, and then convert the files into text format. This dedication makes us one of the coveted transcription services companies in New Hampshire. Some of the languages other than English we support are:

  • • Spanish
  • • Vietnamese
  • • Chinese
  • • Japanese
  • • German
  • • Portuguese
  • • Russian
  • • Italian
  • • Arabic
  • • French
 Transcriber reading a file before transcribing in new language
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