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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Movie Translation Services: Connect Films with Global Audiences

Starting at $4.90/min

What is Movie Translation?

Movies are widely watched around the world. If a message has to be spread to the crowd in a very natural way then movies is the answer. Movie Translation plays a major role to access all types of movies, local and international.

Movie Translation Service is used to translate

  • Documentaries
  • Short Films and Movies
  • Plays, Advertisements, and many more

Movie Translation Service is mostly required by movie production houses, where movies of different languages are dubbed or subtitled.

Accuracy Demand For Movie Translation Services

All the film translation companies offering their services in the United States have to adopt one thing for sure which is high accuracy and Quick Transcription Service is the name providing it for a long time now. We are known for providing the finest quality and extremely accurate film translation and subtitling services.

Be it short movies or documentaries, be it plays or movie scripts, we cover each and every type of document under our services and have dedicated services and specialists for each of them. For example: for the translation of movie/short film/ or any other kind of script, we have film script translation services. Besides being accurate, our services are also safe and secure with respect to customer content and delivers the fastest translated results as well without compromising on the accuracy.

Any error in the film translation can lead to conveying the wrong message to the entire world, or any wrongly translated content may not fit well in the context thus, destroying the entire concept. Therefore, highly accurate translated content is the first priority for movie translation services.

Movie Translation – DUBBING

This service is offered when the voice is dubbed to match the local language. This involves translating the voice to the local dialect without any change in the meaning.

Movie Translation – SUBTITLING

This service is offered if the movie merely requires a text form of the translation that will be displayed on the screen. Subtitles are created for better understanding of the spoken language.

Movie Translation Languages

There are a number of companies that offer Movie Translation services. Amongst them, Quick Transcription Service is a leading company that offers Movie Translation Services for over 100 languages. Dial 1-800-230-7918 to get started. To mention a few:

  • French, Romanian, Arabic & Spanish
  • Polish, Italian, Turkish and many more

To know more about our other languages services, visit: Language Translation

Quick Transcription Service offers Movie Transcription and Translation Services. Our Movie Translation rates are affordably low.

What are the uses of film translation services?

Film Translation plays an important and pivotal role in providing access to all types of films, both local and international. Such services are provided when the film simply involves a text version of the translation to be shown on the computer, TV or screen space. Subtitles were created to help you grasp the spoken language better. Film translation service is mostly provided by film production houses, where the dubbing or subtitling of films from different languages are done. The following are covered under film translation services:

Film Translation Services
  • Movie Translation Services
  • Documentary Translation Services
  • Short Film Translation Services
  • TV Show Translation Services
  • Web Series Translation Services
  • YouTube Translation Services
  • Amazon Videos Translation Services
  • Film Script Translation Services
  • Live show Translation Services
  • Drama or Plays Translation Services
We Provide Translation Services in the following languages :

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