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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *

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Telephone Call Transcription Services

Here are the few advantages of recording telephone conversations in businesses:

The Roles Of Telephone Call Transcription Services

Most of the business meetings these days take place over the phone call. And sometimes telephone meetings includes several crucial data. So, in such cases, you need Telephone Call Transcription Services to transcribe your audio calls to text. This helps your business a lot. This is because; you can pay detailed attention to all the requirements of your clients.

Telephone Conversations Transcription Services offers you accurate transcription to fulfill all your business needs. So, this is why you need telephone call transcription services. Further, these Quick and Accurate Telephone Call Transcription Services also offer you transcription in faster turnaround times that will reduce all your hassles.

Solving Dispute:

Accurately recorded telephone call transcript in many states is taken as acceptable evidence in court.

Quality improvement purpose in Contact Centers:

Telephone call Recording and Transcription helps to identify and improve upon client satisfaction.

Training and Performance management for Employees:

Actual Telephone call transcript can be used to track employee performance and can help training systems.

To verify accuracy:

In a financial transaction or a business, it will be a great help to refer back to the telephone call transcript, either to prove that something was said or verify details taken down and agreed to.

Market research:

This assists in gathering and tracking information.
Federal laws usually recommend businesses to record and monitor phone calls that are business related when the monitoring is part or the ordinary course of business. Yet, it is pertinent to consider the following before recording any telephone conversation.

  • States that require one party notification
  • Business telephone exceptions
  • States that require two party notifications
  • Federal Exceptions
  • Evidentiary Issues
  • Federal and State Laws
  • Recording telephone calls with parties in different jurisdictions

High Quality assured from QTS:

At Quick Transcription Service, we undertake numerous telephone transcriptions. We understand that Telephone conversations can’t be recorded perfectly but our Telephone Call Transcriptionist are experience and can transcribe even a very difficult audio. We assure you highest quality possible. We have audio experts who are masters in enhancing telephone recording quality by eliminating background noises, hums, echoes, hisses and by digitally boosting low speech volumes. This is combined with our two round of editing and perfect quality checks ensure that the final transcript is as accurate.

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