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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Quick transcription Service

Quick Transcription Service provides Transcription services, Translation services, Captioning services, Conversion services, Typing services, and voice over services with accuracy within the stipulated time frame. Our able and talented proofreaders are responsible for giving you flawless outputs.

QTS serves a host of clients from across the globe. Our clientele is growing by the day thanks to our unmatched service quality. Keeping in mind the stiff competition we are reasonably priced . We are available 24/7 on our Toll free number 1-800-230-7918.

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Transcription Services New York

Internet has become the cornerstone of every business today. With its transfiguring escalation, new media channels like online audios and videos on the social network have started using it to reach their customers faster. Though the creative factor makes audios and videos attractive, textual content remains prevalent to the business industry. Believe it or not, textual communication, even today holds the number one position in putting across a certain message to the masses.

The process of converting audio or video files into textual content to make the user benefit in various ways, is called Online Transcription. With online transcription, people upload their work to any Online services company and get their files transcribed easily, within just a few hours.

New York is a country that hustles and bustles all through the day and even the nights. As they rightly say, it is a city that never sleeps! Having said that, New York is one of the top favourite places to explore your opportunities for any business of your choice. With a lot happening and the city keeping its people busy on their toes, online transcription services New York has become one of the most sorts after business. When you look out for a transcription service, the key factor to keep your mind on, is the company you approach. The foremost characteristic of any company is a well-designed website that imbibes useful information and very specific attributes, which conveys how good the company is.

Online Audio transcription services new york is a new wave and people have been wanting to use these services for all their transcription requirements. See if the company you choose provides legal transcription services new york, because to find a local audio-video transcriptionist is easy. But to find a company that handles legal and medical transcriptions, is quite challenging, since it involves a lot of expertise.

The benefits of giving your files to a good online service company are quite a lot.

  • Timeliness
  • Efficiency
  • Accuracy
  • Professionalism
  • Confidentiality
  • Workflow ethics
  • Genuine pricing with transparency

Being the busiest country to live and work in New York standards are always the best that goes unmatched by most of the other countries. New York sets a record to stay untouched and super professional, always. One must be at the top of his game, as an individual or an organization in order to survive in this lovely yet tiring place. With a lot of canons set for itself, Online transcription services in New York is definitely sort after.

Challenges in Transcription Services, New York

You may have come across a good number of online transcription services in New York. But do you have any idea how difficult the audio transcription process is? Transcripts of the content from various industries are important in many respects, such as for improving SEO or for maintaining notes. The marketing call or meeting transcripts can be important for business growth.

But the transcribers working in various transcription services near New York must deal with many challenges. A few of them are:

Audio Quality – The quality of the audio is a factor that influences the transcript. It is easy to deal with good quality audio but if in case the audio quality is poor, the chances of missing out on some information are high.

Background Noise – A clear audio transcription will not take much time. But when it comes to audio recording at public places or at court rooms, where the background noise is loud, it will affect the transcription process. Background noise makes it difficult for the transcriber to understand the spoken words.

Number of Speakers – As the number of speakers increases, the complexity of the transcribers also increases. They first need to identify the number of speakers and then need to understand who is saying what. Fast switching between different speakers further increases the complexity.

Different Dialects – If the speakers in the audio are using more than one dialect of a language or speaking with different accents, it makes things complex for the transcribers. The transcriptionist needs to understand various dialects of the language before writing the transcripts.

There are a few more factors that influence the transcription process such as quality of the voice of the speaker, nature of the content in the audio, mispronounced words, overlapping speech, local slangs, inaudible speech due to other noises, etc.

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