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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


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Expand Your Business to Chinese Market with Our Chinese Translation Services

The Chinese language has the greatest number of speakers all around the world, which makes Chinese an important language for businesses. The Chinese market is rapidly growing in all fields and if you want to expand your business to the Chinese market, there are a few things that you need to know beforehand.

As a business owner, the first thing you need to understand is the potential, benefits and challenges of taking your business to foreign population or to another country. Individuals always prefer businesses in their local and native languages. The reason behind the fact is that their native language makes them feel comfortable and give a homely feel.

Professional Chinese translation services can help you reach the Chinese market and convert the local audience into your customers. English to Chinese translation services can be super helpful here, especially for the Chinese population that are not fluent in English or don’t understand the language at all.

On the other hand, because the Chinese market is already blooming and others also want to be a part of it, the Chinese to English translation services are also important. There are many Chinese companies that must translate their product or service details in the English language for a foreign audience.

How Chinese Translation Services are Beneficial?

The Chinese consumer market is showing great growth in terms of most of the industries. This is also attracting even more foreign companies to expand their businesses to the Chinese market. But, to make your business reach to the wider Chinese audience and achieve their full potential, you will need support from certified Chinese translation services.

Chinese translation services will help you by translating your documents, audios, videos, etc., which is one of the biggest assets that can make you achieve your goal by converting individuals into your customers. Our pricing for translation services starts at $0.10 per word for documents, $25 per page for vital documents, and audio translations are offered at $7.00 per minute. Get your free quote today by calling 1-800-230-7918.

Translation agencies have subject matter expert and experienced translators, who can assist you with translation, which is correct, accurate, to the point, without any mistranslation, no misleading information and convey the exact essence of the original content.

Chinese Translation Services – Solution to The Challenges in Reaching Chinese Market

Mainly there are three major challenges that translators have to come across when they translate to or from the Chinese language. There are many things that our translators need to keep in mind while performing the translation. A Chinese document translation service has the following challenges to overcome:

  • As we all know that there are many different dialects in the Chinese language. Other than 7 recognizable dialects, there are many local variations also available. These dialects are not similar to each other and thus require specialized and native translators to perform the translation process. Certified Chinese translation services understand that a Chinese translator cannot perform translation in all different dialects with the same quality and accuracy.
  • Another challenge in translating Chinese is the use of characters and letters. The written form of the Chinese language is old and thus uses characters called Hanzi and doesn’t use the standard alphabets or letters. One more challenge related to this issue is that each character has multiple purposes and it represents a word or concept. The selection of the purpose of the character depends upon the context of the content being translated. Only highly experienced translators are assigned to these tasks.
  • In Chinese language, the structure of a sentence is also a challenge that needs to be addressed by the Chinese translators. In the English language, verb tenses are used for determining time as either past, present or future. But this is not the case with the Chinese language, where adverbs and context of the material indicate the time related things.

Why Our Chinese Translation Services Should Be Your Priority?

Quick Transcription Services is a language agency that is known for its high-quality results. We understand the challenges in Chinese translation and our experienced translators can handle these challenges effectively. A few of the features offered by us are:

  • Native Translators
  • ISO Certified
  • FCC and ADA Compliance
  • Customized Translation Services
  • Multiple File Format Support
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • Rush and Super Rush Services
  • 2 Minutes Free Trial
  • NDA Agreements
  • Quality Check
  • 100+ Languages
  • 99% Accuracy
  • Affordable Prices, etc.
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