100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Do you want the best transcription services in Louisville? Contact Quick Transcription Service, a reputed transcription company that offers audio and video transcription services with the help of trained transcriptionists in over 100 languages. The base rate for our transcription services is $1/minute for general and $2/minute for legal transcriptions. Get your free quote today by calling 1-800-230-7918.

We work with individuals and businesses to provide affordable transcription services in Louisville for general and domain-specific audio and video files. Our Word Match Percentage is among the highest in the industry, as we have an accuracy rate of 99%.

You can send us your digital files online, and our transcription team will provide the perfect quality, accurate transcripts and deliver them with a faster turnaround time.

Our agency maintains excellent customer service helpline satisfaction by meeting the deadlines and requirements of our clients perfectly.

Get in touch today to work with our expert transcriptionists on small and bulk projects.

Professional Audio Transcription Services in Louisville

Audio transcription services involve converting speech data into text format with the help of human transcriptionists who can provide accurate transcripts by listening to the audio carefully.

Quick Transcription Service provides the best audio transcription services in all major languages and file formats. We cover the majority of significant languages worldwide, including Spanish, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Arabic, and Vietnamese.

A person working on a laptop with native employees discussing at the back

Many organizations in Louisville, Kentucky, connect with global audiences through their brand's audio and video content. Our industry-leading solutions help us quickly provide transcripts for various technical projects.

With technological advances, many companies record audio or video of their conversations to save time and use it as a reference in the future.

Our transcription company provides professional transcription services for the following industries:

  • •Legal: Court approved hearings, legal cases, and attorney notes.
  • • Medical: Healthcare providers' reports, patient information, and doctor's notes
  • • Financial: Audit reports, financial transactions, and financial meetings.
  • • Media: Documentaries, films, advertisements, conversations, dialogues, and speeches.
  • • Business: Interviews, confidential meetings, webinars, and phone calls.
  • • Academic: Dictation, lecture notes, events, speeches, and seminars.
  • • Entertainment: Films, social media content, and online videos.

Need audio transcribed within a few hours? Call us for a free quote.

Secure & Professional Transcription Services in Louisville

Louisville has outstanding economic growth because of the many businesses, investors, and project managers contributing to community development. It employs many people in the legal, medical, government, private, human resources, animal services, emergency, police, revenue, and management fields.

Many services require professional transcription services in Louisville from our reputed transcription agencies. Our team of transcribers caters to the needs of many students, researchers, professionals, lawyers, medical representatives, filmmakers, and social media content creators by transcribing their audio and video files.

A business meeting between two employees

We help professionals by transcribing the following documents,

  • • Investigative file
  • • Witness interview
  • • Insurance policy discussions
  • • Corporate Statement
  • • Victim report
  • • Phone call
  • • Wiretap
  • • Interrogation
  • • Radio program
  • • Podcast
  • • Webcast
  • • Online video
  • • Audio recording
  • • Brand discussion
  • • Ebook

Transcribe to reach your audience better by choosing our certified transcription services in Louisville. It is needed in almost every industry, and accurate transcripts help attract the attention of search engines effectively to boost your Google rankings.

Being one of the transcription service companies in Louisville, we take great pride in our quality guarantee, secure online ordering, and excellent customer service round-the-clock for all our customers.

If you have a transcription requirement, you can contact us to know our cost of transcription services in Louisville.

Affordable Audio and Video Transcription Services by Experts

Whether you want to transcribe audio or a video file, you can get in touch with our online transcription services to get the perfect video transcription services in Louisville from our talented team of native linguists.

We excel in top-notch accuracy and quick turnaround times at an affordable price with a money-back guarantee for all our transcripts.

Two people talking with each other on a video call

Many companies and individuals require audio files to be transcribed in their preferred language. Audio files such as recordings and podcasts are commonly transcribed into readable and written text.

Many entertainments, media, and social media platforms require video transcription. We also provide closed captioning services for videos.

With the growing demand for content worldwide, many businesses communicate effectively with their customers through audio and video files. Transcripts can also be converted into braille to make content accessible to visually challenged people.

Our human transcription services in Louisville meet clients' requirements by avoiding filler words and repetitive sentences and creating clean, high-quality, accurate transcripts.

Contact us to get the best transcription services rates for your project today!

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