100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Reasonably Priced Swift and Accurate Transcription Services in Tampa

We at Quick Transcription Service offer top-notch transcription services in Tampa that address the transcription requirements across the entertainment, corporate, marketing, legal and educational sectors. Enjoy cost-effective transcription solutions starting $1/minute for general transcriptions and $2/minute for those with legal content. Ring 1-800-230-7918 for a no-obligation quote. Be it individuals or business firms, our accredited native language transcriptionists with industry-specific know-how, transcription experience, and best practices can handle your requests no matter the nature or scale of the project.

Tampa Transcription Services - Here's Why You Should Choose Us

A woman wearing headphones writing on paper

We are one of the reputed transcription services companies in Tampa, delivering multilingual transcripts at competitive rates. Read on to know how our offerings differ from those of our competitors.

  • ✓ Quick Transcription Service is an ISO-certified company.
  • ✓ We work only with accredited native transcriptionists proficient in source and target languages. Our team comprises members with rich transcription experience in their respective domains.
  • ✓ We bring you 100% human transcription services in Tampa that are right on schedule and within your budget. Our transcripts match the spoken word with 99% accuracy (based on input quality).
  • ✓ We offer certified transcripts free of charge, with guaranteed acceptance by concerned authorities.
  • ✓ In addition to same-language transcriptions, we handle transcriptions in over 100 languages, including Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and others.
  • ✓ Our experienced transcriptionists can identify individual speakers when transcribing group discussions, witness testimonies, and other recordings with multiple speakers. We can also time code transcripts to indicate the time when each speaker was active.
  • ✓ Speaker identification and time coding features are available on request. Speaker identification is free for up to 5 speakers.
  • ✓ Our pricing is transparent and processes secure. We provide an NDA to our clients to assure them that all details they provide are kept confidential.
  • ✓ In addition to transcription, we also offer professional translation, subtitling, and captioning services ( closed captioning & open captioning).
  • ✓ A 5-minute free trial and free no-obligatory quotes are available

Flawless & Professional Audio Transcription Services in Tampa

Repeatedly listening to audio recordings can prove a cumbersome task in educational lectures or legal hearings. Audio files are challenging to navigate, especially if one wishes to listen to one particular part of the recording. Getting a text version of audio content in a familiar language can prove particularly helpful for students and legal professionals.

We transcribe all types of audio recordings, including but not limited to:

Students attending a seminar at the university
  • ➣ Marketing research
  • ➣ Group discussions
  • ➣ Board meeting
  • ➣ Phone call
  • ➣ Wire taps
  • ➣ Depositions
  • ➣ Trials
  • ➣ Hearings
  • ➣ Confessions
  • ➣ Dictation
  • ➣ Seminars
  • ➣ Podcast
  • ➣ Classroom/guest lectures
  • ➣ Marketing commercials 
  • ➣ Interview
  • ➣ Focus groups and other types of audio

If you require a transcript of any audio recording, get in touch with our support agent for the best deal.

Affordable & Professional Transcription Services in Tampa

Accurate certified transcripts are particularly significant in the legal, police and law enforcement, and healthcare sectors. These transcripts are mostly verbatim, comprising exact words uttered by the speakers. They help capture all speakers' expressions and present a clear picture of a given situation.

Certified legal transcripts of litigations are helpful when filing for an appeal as they serve as a handy reference for the case history.

Certification of legal and healthcare transcripts helps assure authorities that the transcriptions are accurate and complete and handled by a qualified transcriber unbiasedly. Our legal transcriptionists sign and stamp transcripts for free, should you need certified transcription services in Tampa. We pride ourselves on delivering court approved legal transcripts of exceptional quality on demand.

Best Audio and Video Transcription Services by Native Linguists

Our deft and efficient native transcribers are adept at addressing audio and video transcription requests at short notice. Regular, rush, and super-rush deliveries are processed meticulously to produce quality outputs. We are available 24X7 to accept and work on your transcription request without undue delays.

While audio transcriptions are pretty standard, the need for video transcription services in Tampa is growing daily. Quick Transcription Service can help you with transcriptions for YouTube and other videos that are consumed by a multitude of online users every minute. Detailed video transcripts are bound to facilitate online search as the search engines index the text but not the video content.

Audio and video transcripts enhance the reach of your content to the differently-abled audience, making marketing and educational efforts more successful.

Be it audio or video content, our expert transcribers ensure that you receive complete, verbatim, intelligent, or edited transcriptions based on your requirements at affordable prices.

Tampa – Local Economy, Scope for Business/Education & Demographics

Tampa is a thriving tourist destination in Florida, right on the coastline. The cost of living is lower than the national average and is pretty affordable compared to Miami. Tampa is home to a cosmopolitan population from different parts of the world. While most residents speak English, Spanish, French, and Italian are also quite prevalent in Tampa.

Educational institutions such as the University of Tampa and University of Southern Florida, and a few others in the neighborhood Tampa Bay region offer a wide choice of degree options for aspiring students. Besides tourism, the local economy is powered by technology, healthcare, supply chain, and financial sectors.

Tampa excels in local offerings and stands out as a hub for Florida transcription services. Whether for business, academic research, investigative processes, law enforcement, or court procedures, our transcription services extend across Florida, ensuring top-notch accuracy and reliability. Leveraging local expertise and a deep understanding of the regional dialects, we bring the best of Tampa's transcription capabilities to the broader Florida area.

Tampa University in the background of Henry B Plant Museum

Companies such as Accusoft, Agile Technologies, JP Morgan Chase, iQor, Jabil the Tampa General Hospital, and BayCare Health System are some of the top employers in Tampa. Tampa opens up new opportunities for those wishing to relocate to this city. Florida does not charge income tax!

If you require expert transcription services of the highest quality for business, academic research, investigative process, law enforcement, or court procedures, get in touch with us right now! We deliver highly affordable transcription services in Tampa. Our rates are cheap and you could even qualify for a discount based on order size and other criteria! You may email us or place your transcriptions requests with our online support agents. Experience unparalleled transcription services across atlanta, florida, jacksonville, and miami, where our commitment to 100% human-generated accuracy ensures your message resonates perfectly with your audience.

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